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  1. I saw/read IMO people make mistakes but for the amount of money one pays for this service is inexcusable. By reading that thread sounds like he is (still) training himself on how to tune using other peoples cars.
  2. So my fox wont start. can hear the fuel pump running but no fuel. pump doesnt stop running. suggestions????
  3. If you had a gauge you could check to see if you had fuel pressure. But it sounds like you arent getting any pressure if pump keeps running. Might have. To drop tank and check pump and sock
  4. I was thinking that either the pump can't draw in fuel due to a blockage or it cant pump fuel into the hard line because the rubber hose connecting the pump to the hard line has a rupture.
  5. I was thinking along this line too.... what about a clogged fuel filter
  6. Possible. Should be something simple.
  7. Check the filter, cheap and easy.

    Bryan that sounds good what time do you plan on going and where is it?

    Here is list of the changes keith made to Pete's tune. I'll get the chip back on monday and see how it runs and feels. If I can tell it is making more power then before then I'll do a run on a dyno when I can just to see the difference

    Venom351R tune refinement Cliffs Notes:
    MIL delay time - reduced
    Air charge correction factor - set for no clipping
    TB airflow value corrected
    Displacement value corrected
    Transmission ratios set to T5 values (instead of AODE)
    Ignition table scales adjusted (RPM and Load)
    Fuel - Open loop base table - remapped
    Fuel - Open loop stabilized table - remapped (added fuel)
    Fuel - Open loop startup table - remapped
    Injector - Cranking PW changed for larger injectors
    Spark logic reduced to single table reference
    Spark - Borderline and Altitude (disabled)
    Spark - Sea level - remapped (added 4.5* total timing)
    Spark - TIP in Retard (disabled)

    Total cells changed from old tune: 486
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  8. That could be just the start. Only fine tuning on a dyno with datalogging will optimize things.
    The show is next weekend at the Biddeford ice arena. come over to my place and i'll drive. Not sure of time yet but would like to go early before it gets real busy.
  9. Show is 9 to 5 saturday and 9 to 2 Sunday. Took a minute to find the info. $8
  10. sounds good, PM me your address I have not been to your new place yet and we can plan on that. I take it you want to go saturday? Yeah Im sure the tune still has a ways to go but this is a good start.
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  11. I do sincerely hope that the changes I made to Trav's tune make him fall in love with his car again. I know for a fact that there are still challenges ahead of us (him). I definitely want to get some equipment onto his car to refine the tune a bit more (knock sensors, wideband, QH)... so we can fix his MAF transfer and get the load scaling back into check. There were just simply too many things that I just COULDNT fix because of the equipment he has on the car and not having my hands directly on it.

    God Speed Travis... LMK how it turns out!
  12. Thanks Keith, I deff will. Would be awesome to get you some seat time at some point. I'll see how it feels and runs now and a little later on maybe we can figure something out to further tweak the tune.
  13. Sounds like things might be looking up for ya Travis. maybe this year we can get some cruises or something going
  14. Any progress on your fox?
  15. Thanks for the PM Bryan, Sat will work. Sounds good Fred. I pounded my inner fender lip yesterday to give me a bit more clearance w/ the tire. I think it will be ok now I'll find out tomorrow when I take out out when I get the chip back from Keith. If the tune is much improved and the fender is ok the only other issue I'll have to deal w/ is the power steering leak. Once that is taken care of I think it should be good to go.
  16. I still have the Eastwood tool to roll the fender lip
  17. Ive been waiting for a little warmer weather before i crawl under it. still too damn cold for me. looks like fuel issues are gonna be my gremlins this year. Just spent 90 dollars on my truck for fuel pump(which i didnt need) and lines. Ended up having to drop the tank to replace a 16 in section of line that some damn rodent decided to chew through.
  18. Travis what codes were you throwing with the junk.. er.. I mean other tune?
  19. That sucks about the truck. Hopefully the car will be easier.
  20. I cant remember now but it was throwing codes before and always had a CEL. I got the chip back from Keith today. No more CEL and holy crap did he find some power in this thing. It pulls like it should now, it litterly put a smile on my face when driving it, what a huge difference. Pete is just a straight up idiot and ripped me off all under the ruse of a "custom tune"

    Fred if you ever want an extra set of hands w/ anything let me know. Least I can do after the help you gave me before.