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  1. It was 'custom' just not what you wanted. Custom screw up is what you got. I would be pissed off also. Glad you can now smile when you get in the car.
  2. Wow you cant even use a four letter word for urine with out it being censored.
  3. Thanks Travis.... I might have to take you up on that and possibly kidnap Bryan as well. So goes here if you need help with anything even the smallest of stuff
  4. I hope so Id actually like to be able to drive it this year. I actually was kinda shocked how relatively easy it was to drop and put back in the tank especially for never doing it before. As odd as this sounds it was easier than changing the fuel pump......
  5. x2
  6. I''m off every other weekend, Id be more then happy to help when you need it. Just let me know ahead of time so I can tell you if its a weekend I have off and to make sure nothing else is going on. Only thing I have in the near future is my niece's 1st b-day on one of my weekends off in May
  7. Just give a heads up if you need help. Ill do what I can.
  8. Bryan I would not mind using that Eastwood tool at some point either. For now I got it good enough so the tire does not rub but Id still rather have it done w/ a roller. I plan on getting a new set or wheels to which will be 18X10 so they wont be as wide as my current 10.5's so that will help.

    I'll be working on the power steering leak this weekend and if I cant get it I'll bring it in to have it taken care of, already have a go ahead as far as getting a sticker from a shop where I know someone that works there and I can have them take care of the power steering leak as well if I cant figure it out. Going to try and get some gopro video this weekend to. Providing I have it by then, its a really late christmas present.
  9. What time are you showing up Saturday
  10. What time do you want me to?
  11. What about 830
  12. sounds good to me, I'll see you then.
  13. Park on right side of the garage. Not in front of the doors. There is a entry door on that side.
    Got a new receiver last night.
  14. Ok I will. Went to start the car up for awhile to see if I can find where the power steering leak is coming from and the lower radiator hose started to leak :bang:

    It was coming from between the hose and the section of the radiator you press it onto. I tried to tighten it more but the clamp seemed a little screwed up. Maybe its just worn out and needs to be replaced and was not clamping well enough to seal all the way around the hose. The hose is pretty new so it should not be leaking and did not appear to be I could see it come out from between the hose and the radiator fitting and then drip down. I'll head into town and get some new clamps and hopefully that takes care of it. I do not want to take any steps backwards after doing so for so long.
  15. New lower hose camp fixed the problem.
  16. Nice to have simple and cheap fixes to annoying problems
  17. Sure is was only $2.25. The power steering leak does not appear to be to bad now, it was pretty significant before but the next time it gets low I'm going to put some stop leak in it to see if that fixes it. As of a few hrs ago its had only dropped a few drops and not a large puddle like last summer. Took it out for a longer drive today and everything seemed to be pretty well, No more tire rub on the fender temps were good oil PSI was good no strange noises or smells, radiator did not drip coolant after I got back. Looks llike its pretty well set. I'll get a sticker for it next week and touch base with Keith at Epping next weekend and finalize the tune and see what I can bang out for a time.
  18. when are you going to epping
  19. Next sunday I'm taking the day off.

    Bryan good seeing you today, very nice house I like it. Your cat makes funny noises.
  20. Nice to see you Travis.

    A granddaughter was born a couple of hours ago.