North East SSoM Members!!!

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  1. Just ordered a stock kit, sight and charging handle. Then it will be complete. At least one of them will be.
  2. Well thats awesome :) great way to cap the weekend.

    Thats going to be a nice when its all complete. Maybe we can get together sometime this summer and do some shooting. Id like to try out that AK its pretty sweet.
  3. want a passenger/company?
  4. yeah that would be great Fred. I'm going to be leaving early if thats ok with you. Keith is running his STI at the event ( its an import event) but there is still Test and Tune so he wants to tweak my tune before the gates open. I plan on getting there at 8:00.

    Did you guys know that NHRA is coming to NED this June on the weekend of the 23ed? I'll deff be going for that.
  5. sounds interesting. Funny cars under the stars is a blast also. has PMags. limit 2. $12.30 each
  6. Early is fine with me. So what time should I be at your house?
  7. If you get here at 7 that would be fine. We will get there shortly after 8 but still early enough.
  8. actually if we could leave at 7 that would be good. That puts us to get there around 8:20ish.

    Got a sticker for it yesterday and I think I found the cause of the Power Steering leak. Its really weird b/c I drove it for about 2 hrs yesterday and it sat from about 2:30 to 7:30 and did not leak anything at all, then this morning there was a small puddle where it dripped off the bracket. What I think its coming from is the pressure line. I put new O ring gaskets on the fitting along w/ the new pump last summer but I think it is leaking past the threads. I'll use some Teflon tape on it and see if that helps to seal it. If not I'll put new O ring gaskets on it again. Its fine to drive it since it does not seem to drip until hrs and hrs after its sat. I think the threads get heated up and seal properly then once the car cools down long after its driven the threads do not seal as well and it seeps some fluid from it. Under the fitting where it screws into the pump I can feel that its coming from there and every other fitting is dry.
  9. I remembered the fender rolling tool a while after you left Saturday. I'll be home tomorrow if you want to swing by on your way home from the strip. Good luck tomorrow.
  10. We are going sunday but I can come by then if you will be around and and pick it up then. I can text / call you to give you a better time frame after I get back to this area.
  11. Thats fine. Still working around the house spreading loam.
  12. Travis sorry bro cant make it tomorrow got family drama crap I need to deal with
  13. Thats ok fred we will make it sometime later on. Sounds good Bryan I'll be in touch.
  14. Long day at the track, did not get a chance to come by Bryan. I did not get home until 6:00 but let me know if your around anytime next weekend and I'll come by then. As soon as I got home I headed out to the movies.

    The car ran really well and gave me a good starting point to chip away at. No new best time but I was not really expecting one but I did come close. Keith changed a few more settings in the tune and there still can be a bit to be tweaked here and there but overall its running and driving quite well.

    I only got in 3 runs and did not want to stay later then it was to get another but my best run of the day was a 12.6 @110 MPH with a 1.7 60' time. My 60' time was getting close to the same time I was getting with the slicks and I was on my MT DR's. I still need to bump my timing up from the 10* its set at now and I'm going to start looking for a set of front runners for it. I think once all of those are taken care of I should start seeing some low 12's. Going to the dyno next month will help out as far as knowing where my shift points need to be. They are probably pretty close to where they should be. I was happy that the car was consistently trapping at 11oMPH, I still think there is a few more MPH in there to squeeze out. I was happy that it was consistently trapping 110MPH and I know there is a still a few more left in there.
  15. sell my cobra? don't sell my cobra? sell it, don't sell it?

    i put 344 miles on it last year lol. **** turned 47K the other day when i took it for a quick spin
  16. I put about 300 miles on mine in 3 yrs prior to a few weeks ago. Dont sell it you douche bag.
  17. Just drive it up here to my house and leave it.
  18. Looks like its coming together for you Travis. So will you be driving it this year
  19. Yeah I'll deff be driving it more. I was expecting the exhaust to be louder but its actually quite docile. I like it. I have a dyno day June 8th and I have to get a new helmet before I can go back to the track the one I have is only Snell 2000 rated and it has to be at least Snell 2005 or higher now so I'm picking up a Snell 2010 next week and working on getting a set of front runners to put on for after the dyno day. Id like to see what kind of times I can get w/ the MT DR's before I throw the slicks back on it. Would be great to break my personal best with DR's which was set w/ slicks. Here was the best run of the day when I went to epping on sunday.

  20. where is the dyno day