North East SSoM Members!!!

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  1. Granite State Dyno in Hudson NH. $50 for 3 pulls
  2. i though about you first fred when the notion to sell the cobra came into my noggin

    since i spend most of my time fishing and add that i started fishing tournaments last year i am quickly losing interest in the yellow slowness
    i really want a bassboat lol
  3. Bryan what do you have for a wideband 02 sensor, what was the cost? Looking to get one so that my tune can be adjusted for the best performance. The AEM one looks nice as well. Id like to sick with autometer gauges but I think the only wideband gauge they make is in the NV series and its a few hundred for it. Not looking to spend to much more then $150
  4. Ive got a wideband in my cobra but for the life of me i cant remember who made it......
  5. Well dont do anything without consulting me first
  6. when
  7. June 8th. You would need to preregister if you wanted to do any pulls. I can give you the info if you wanted, unless you were just thinking of going down to watch.
  8. pretty sure your wideband was/is a autometer fred...:poo: i don't remember lol i was paying to much atention to the hitting my shifts last time i drove your car...god that poor white acura didn't know what he got into lol
  9. I have the Innovate wideband. Had it for a few years so I don't remember how much it cost. Plus it has been revised since then. They do have round gages instead of the rectangular box I have.
  10. I like the AEM one I'll prob end up getting that one. The autometer one was pricy.
  11. I haven't looked at the widebands in a while. Some of them suck because they are basically a bunch of colored lights chasing a round gage. Digital readout is easier to understand and focus your eyes on.
  12. I PMed a guy on the corral who has Phantom ( Same gauges that I have now ) Wide band for $160. Asked for pics b/c I want to see if its the sweep gauge or the digital one. The digital one runs a little more then $200 new. If I can get him to $150 shipped I'll take it, hes been dropping the price so I dont think it will be to much hassle
  13. Was thinking about just watching
  14. Ahhh memories.....
  15. Working slowly on the AR. Have all the parts. Having to do some sanding and grinding to the lower to get the parts to fit correctly.
  16. Anyone going to Bonney Eagle this weekend
  17. I'm going Fred, want to ride down? If you want to come along for the dyno day that would be great to. Lots of cars I have not seen will be there for it. I took sunday off for the show plus its the start of my vacation week anyway.
  18. Im hoping to make it there. Take the bike since its easier to park and I havent used it since September.