North East SSoM Members!!!

Discussion in 'Regional Forums and Event Information' started by whitehorseupnorth, Oct 20, 2003.

  1. Looks like its a nice weekend. Maybe I can swing by after the show and grab that fender roller if your not up to much later on that day. Cant wait to see how that AR comes out.
  2. Yep would love to meet up and cruise over to the show together..... I want to go to the dyno day also. Girlfriend will like that she. has never seen a car on a dyno.....,
  3. I was also thinking it would be a good time for you to swing by and pick up that tool.
  4. Sounds good, want to leave here around 7:00-7:3o?

    Sounds good Bryan, I'll prob be there most of the day so I can come by after.
  5. yep sounds good. only bringing one car this time. the girlfriends vert
  6. Ah nice, Dont forget to bring chairs I hate not having one when I forget mine.
  7. Travis do you still have my number. if so can you text me your address. I dont have it anymore
  8. I plan on being there sometime late morning I would guess.
    Got my lower finished and attached to the upper. Now I just have to degrease the upper and instal the BCG and charging handle. Still need to pick up some shells.
  9. Ammo is starting to come back somewhat but its still sparse at this point.
  10. I'll feel better when its back in the less than 30 cent range.
  11. Cheaper than crap has Tula 223 at 48 cents a round.
  12. thats still expensive of steal case, thats even high for brass ( pre gun craze )

    I found out what that tapping sound was coming from. My air filter was hitting on the car, I readjusted it so it was not hanging as low so it should not do that now.
  13. Awesome about the air filter.
    Ill have to check cabelas to find some shells. When you add in shipping to some of those low ammo prices it becomes ridiculous. For 50 rounds at one place the shipping more than doubled the price.
  14. I noticed that as well. Better to just find it in stores
  15. Looks like Worden's not the only one that can catch bass


  16. you sinner you!...take her to the dyno and get her wet!

    trav, what is sad is that i have the same hat, but you wont catch me dead in non hetero frog toggs lol
  17. Are you sitting in the back of a tracker pro team txw?
  18. It is a bass tracker Pro not sure what model beyond that Id have to check their site. It was a misty wet rain when we first started fishing. One thing I hate more then not catching fish is being wet while doing it.
  19. Yeah its the 175 TWX. It has the 60 HP Motor.
  20. pretty bad when i can ID a boat from seeing just a few inches of it's stern lol