North East SSoM Members!!!

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  1. thats b/c there is something wrong w/ you lol
  2. Cabelas was packed yesterday. They did have a bunch of steel case 223 for 6.99. I picked up 1 box earlier when I was at Maine Tactical for the same price. Maine tactical is also a class 3 dealer and they are building a indoor range.
  3. What brand of steel case was it? I noticed they were a class 3 dealer and an indoor range would be awesome
  4. Hertners. It a Russian mfg company.
    I have Tula for the other one and it works great.
    They did have 5.56 earlier in the week but it was gone by Saturday. He expects more this week.
  5. I shot about 60 rds of steel case last week, ate it like candy.
  6. Im roasting in this sweatbox on wheels!
  7. If I sit down to quickly I might crush my nuts. :)
  8. today wont be any better
  9. Yes it will. I dont have to work and I can have a tall frost beverage.
  10. At least that brown bread box has doors and air flow. Some of the units at work were unbearable, No AC and one of the units the air flow system was not working at all so no fresh air was being put into the unit, it was cooler outside then in that pod.
  11. Add in a whole lot of heat from the motor and trans coming through the metal plate flooring with no insulation. The shelves, walls and pkgs are hotter than the outside air.
    It would suck to have no ventilation inside your building.
  12. Neither one is all that pleasant. The individual unit that was getting no air flow at all from the recycled air system was so hot that when you stepped out of the unit and into one of the other nearby units or in the hallway it felt like you were in AC. The only actual AC in that whole building is in control towers themselves and its shotty at best which is just about right as far as the state goes.
  13. At least you get to wear shorts and not a black uniform. Im sure it makes it easier to unstick your sweaty nut sack from the side of your leg.
  14. Not really. Everything sticks to you. Very uncomfortable just trying to move a little.
  15. Fred the dyno day is up in the air for saturday b/c of the weather. If they cancel it I'll let you know. They are giving us a decision soon probably tomorrow.
  16. Dyno day is cancelled. I'm going to try and get in the week of the 17th since I'm off that week.
  17. What's up fellas? All is good I hope!
  18. Whats up stranger