North East SSoM Members!!!

Discussion in 'Regional Forums and Event Information' started by whitehorseupnorth, Oct 20, 2003.

  1. Hey stranger
  2. It's great to see this thread still going. Time sure does have a way of passing too quickly.
  3. damn mike, was just thinking about you at the BE car show saying you have dropped off worse the Larry lol
  4. What's up everyone, I'm new here to the forum and wondering how many of you are in the Massachusetts area? Looking forward to finding people and seeing what approach you took on your mustangs.
  5. anyone in this thread is from Maine that posts regularly.

    Might want to check out, lots of guys from the NH, MA area
  6. Thanks for the tip but im all set...... LOL
  7. Travis was that Dyno Day rescheduled or have you any plans to dyno the cobra
  8. Its going to be some day this fall, no word on what day yet but I have not checked. I plan on doing it sometime later this month or in july, I dont want to wait until this fall.
  9. Hope your out enjoying your car this summer.
  10. Been driving it off an on, still trying to find a time to get down to the dyno. Wanted to do the track last week but it was closed for the NHRA event all week after weds.
  11. I heard the traffic for that event was crazy.
    Started my car today just to get the coolant temp up to normal and blow out the various spiders that are living under it.
    Got my new helmet and jacket for the bike. Going to take that out and clean it up.
  12. I think im gonna put my lx up for sale... too many projects and not enough money
  13. Oh that sucks but its reality for more than a few people.
  14. Have you done much riding bryan?
  15. No only a little bit. I plan on doing some soon.
  16. about 99% sure I'll be picking this up tomorrow. No I did not sell the Cobra