North East SSoM Members!!!

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  1. hope you kept your jacket and helmet.
  2. so did you get the bike travis
  3. Yes I did. I just got home Ive been up north for a family reunion. I bought it in Brewer Sat morn. Got it for $3,900



  4. I still had my gloves and boots but I had sold everything else. I ordered a new helmet ( Still have my old one that I always used for Epping ) and I bought a new Jacket on friday.
  5. what made you decide to jump back on a bike?
  6. Had always wanted to get one for quite awhile now. I really like the 05/06 model and now that Ive had my license longer my insurance is cheaper then before as well.
  7. Ever have one of those small projects turn into an all day nightmare? I went to change the oil on the bike b/c I saw that it had a Fram oil filter on it and the oil in the little window for the oil level seemed really black. I hate fram so I wanted that thing off there regardless of if the oil was just changed or not. Previous owner said it was changed every start of the riding season but this oil and the filter looked like it had been there awhile. I went and picked up some Amsoil Motorcycle synthetic oil and a Mobil 1 filter, put the bike on the stand and took off the lower fairing and found that the drain bolt had been rounded off. My 12mm socket kept spinning on it and a closed end box wrench did the same thing. I went out and bought a set of Irwin channel locks and one of those gator grip sockets. The gator grip socket is a piece of crap I'm taking that back and the channel locks just spun on the bolt as well. I found another 12mm socket that I had in 1/4 drive and used some step down attachments and put it on my 1/2 drive ratchet. I tapped the socket on the bolt first and then put the ratchet on it and slowly started to apply pressure and it finally broke loose and came out. I got a new bolt and finished the oil change. The oil was quite black when I saw it draining out but now it has some nice fresh oil and a good quality filter. Also shifts much better with the amsoil in it. He said he used the Honda factory oil but hard telling. Good thing hondas are tough and I could dump crisco in the thing and it would still run.



    also my new helmet came in


  8. Indeed it is! Just traded in the old F-150 for a 2013 Wrangler Unlimited last weekend. Would have been a fun toy for Maine!
  9. Yeah it would, we want pics of said Wrangler. They are quite nice.
  10. DAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How the heck have you been bub
  11. Hey Dan!
    Hate dealing with rounded off bolts. That seller was a dumbass for not replacing that bolt. Probably used the wrong wrench or a 12 sided socket.
  12. yeah Im sure thats what it was. A new one is on there now. Changed the air filter the other day as well, that deff needed to be done. Id say the bike is in the best condition now then what it was in quite awhile. Just needed a little TLC to bring it back some. The chain is new but it was lacking chain lube or wax on it ( it was pretty dry ) I gave it a really good cleaning and re lubed it. Probably is due to be done again now as far as lube. Ive read you want to have a ratio of 4:1 as far as lubing VS cleaning it.
  13. Bryan I found your next gun

  14. NO way in hell. They had to have some really big bruises the next day.
    Took the bike out for a little while then took out the AR. For the first time out it shot pretty good at just over 200 feet. I was able to hit a piece of wood that was about a foot wide. Glad the sights were close.
  15. wouldnt want to shoot that just once lol

    Thats good that you did not have to do a ton of adjustment out of the box. I only went for a short ride just to get the chain hot so I could re lube it. Rode a lot since thurs.
  16. That's were those stray bullets came from:lol:
  17. Bryan are you any good with electrical in the 5.0s.
  18. H
    Haven't had to mess with anything electrical on my car. So can't say im good at it. What issues are you having?