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Mod Dude
May 7, 2003
Jacksonville, FL
what happened and what is the crud in the bottom of the pan?
Priming the oil pump, extensions came apart (even though they were taped together). Clink Clink Clunk right to the bottom. couldn't get it out with a magnet due to it being wedged under the oil pickup. Had to pull the motor and drop the pan. Crud in the pan is just some pain overspray from manufacturing, and some new oil.


Founding Member
Jul 12, 2000
ThE tool to prime the pump isn't expensive. A lot less frustrating too when you use it with a cordless drill.


Mod Dude
May 7, 2003
Jacksonville, FL

In the home stretch. All thats left is wire up the MSD, Fitech and fan, fill the trans with fluid, and hook up the mid-pipe and mufflers and it's time to fire! I'm off work tomorrow, so that gives me a full day to work on the car with no honey do list or kids to take care of.


Mod Dude
May 7, 2003
Jacksonville, FL
Does SSOM stand for South Shore of MA? I'm new to this forum. Thanks!
Street Stangs of Maine. We were a pretty tight club about 13-14 years ago. Only 2 or 3 of us even look at stangnet anymore. the club kind of fell apart around 2006-2007ish. A few of us were Military and transfered away from Maine, everyone else kind of got older and started having kids and stuff, as well as responsibilities of life in general.


Mod Dude
May 7, 2003
Jacksonville, FL

Getting closer. Front end is on, everything excpet fan is wired up. I can crank and get it to fire briefly, but dies right away. It's something with the Fitech. The mid-pipe I got doesn't fit correctly, so I have a new one on order. With open long tubes this thing is LOUD AS HELL when it does fire briefly. Sounds like a damn Pro Mod. Can't really mess with much else until the exhaust is buttoned up. The neighbors do not appreciate. Can't see why not. I figured the ultra-liberal guy next door from California that drives a Prius would think it's cool. He doesn't. Oh well.


New Member
Mar 16, 2017
Thanks for the reply. Thats cool you guys are doing the thing up in Maine. I'm in Boston but i have cousins my age from Ocean Park, Saco, and Biddeford so I'm up there a lot. I'm working with a v6 now, i looked for GT's for a cpl years and everyone is asking way too much for them. I wouldn't say the one i ended up with is "settling" which I'm happy about it. So far i cut off the mufflers and ran stainless pipes back from the cats and welded on some Borla resonator tips. I was extremely hesitant at first because the 6's can sound like crap easily and generally do with exhaust mods but this one sounds great. It's mean too which is stunning. I have a K&N series 69 typhoon on its way. I'll try and upload a clip of inside the car what it sounds like.
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