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  1. Inside the car (headphones work best)
  2. Inside the car (headphones work best)
  3. Not seeing a link....
  4. Good job. Always some little thing holding up progress. Nice jab on the Prius owner.
  5. Just tell your neighbor that you love Prius because the more gas he saves the more you have more to burn.
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  6. Nice man! Is that the eco-boost V6?
  7. They actually don't make a V6 ecoboost in the '15-'17 mustangs. It comes stock with a naturally aspirated 300hp v6 and 280lbs of tourque. The trims on those years are the twin turbo 4cyl ecoboost which puts out 320hp and 300lbs of tourque and the GT which puts out about 440hp stock.

    I bought the 6 in a conv't because now the GT's are super expensive(rightfully so they are gorgeous) and the ecoboost 4cyl is also more expensive by a fair amount. I got this one fully loaded(except you can't get leather in a v6 anymore) for under $20k w/ 22k miles on it, plus it was a florida car. I looked for years for GT's but people are asking too much. I've had other mustangs in the past and this one is suprisingly fast for a v6. It also has the track package and 3.55 rear diff so it will do 0-60 in 5.5 seconds. Ill take a video of it doing that. I'd love to take it up to that drag strip in NH and see what it can do. Id guess after the cold air intake plus removing the mufflers should probably get me around 320hp at 5-6k rpm if youre going by factory specs. Id like to dyno it out and see if its actually over 300hp in reality.

    For 2018 they actually discontinued the V6 and are only selling ecoboost 4cyl and GT's which basically prices many people out of owning one. I love what you guys are doing to yours too. They look great.
  8. Lol

    Yup...we left, knocked up our wives. I went to school, trav came out of the closet...etc lol
  9. Lol
    Just saw a late model Roush. Loud when he revved it.
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  10. There is a guy here on base with a new GT350. That flat plane crank motor sounds sick.
  11. That I would like to hear in person.
  12. Did you figure out the issues with the car? Hope it's running better.
  13. Getting there. Run's ok now. Still need to do the exhaust before I can road test it. I've been side tracked installing wood floors the last two weekends, so the car has been on hold.
  14. Hey. Another Mainer here. Been lurking around Stangnet for a year or so, studying... Was looking for others here in Maine, always good to have local resources. I've only read through the last half dozen or so page s here, how many stang folks are there around here anyway?
  15. Various members have slipped off the radar and others have sold their cars over time. Two members now live out of state. Been quiet for a while. My car has been off the road for a few years because I have been busy and lazy about fixing it. Runs now and will be back on the road this summer.
    Life has a way of changing over time.
  16. Finally said goodbye to the Vrod yesterday.
  17. That a good or bad thing?
  18. Had it 8 years now and only put 4520 miles on it. Really didn't have time to ride plus a car is so much easier to take to work. Long over due.