North East SSoM Members!!!

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  1. NICE PLACE Travis!!!! Did you buy or are you renting?? What town?? :nice:

  2. Im Renting, Its in Raymond (not far from Chris) ...$475 a month 1/3 utilites. Free use of the Garage and Basement.
  3. :nice:
  4. Nice pad Travis. Looks like Chris is not the only one thats going to be throwing a raging kegger...hint, hint :banana: . Are you living alone, or do you have someone with you? Blow up dolls don't count. The Cobra is now put away for the winter :nonono: , but she will be back next summer for Bonny Eagle with some surprises. Gotta keep up with all these Kenne Belle boys ya know.

    What a great summer, I'm glad I met all you guys. The club seems really strong, and most importantly it's really fun to do shows together and hang out. Hopefully by spring I will have a house of my own, and if so I will trow a nice party that you are all welcome to.

    Boy, I really need some cash for mods, looks like I will have to start selling my $5 services again :bang: :p . CYA.

  5. Hey Dan, The Yankees SUCK! :banana: :owned: :rlaugh: :banana: :owned: :rlaugh: :banana: :owned: :rlaugh: :banana: :owned: :rlaugh: :banana: :rlaugh: :banana:

  6. Well I'll tell you what I have been up to lately. A couple of weeks ago I finally got a aircompressor and some air tools. Been wanting those for years. Tired of busting my knuckles trying to break free rusted bolts and what not.
    I have been searching and talking to car dealers off and on for a few months now trying to find the Toyota 4Runner that I want. They couldn't located what I wanted in the color that I wanted so yesterday I placed an order for an 04 4 Runner Sport V8 with a few options. The order is on its way to Japan so I get the one I want. It will take at least 90 days to get here unless they find one that is in the pipeline that was supposed to be delivered to another dealer somewhere in the country then it will be sent here to Saco. It is time to move up to a larger vehicle and the 4Runners are awesome especially since they are now offered with a V8.
    Just letting you know I'm still alive here. Again congrats Chris and nice place Travis.

  7. well besides the 3 blow up dolls There is one other person there that had the place built. I had a great time this summer too. My stangs going to be put up next weekend, Im picking up my truck on Thurs and I'll have the full coverage droped on the stang that weekend and put it up. Hopefully you guys can come out sometime and see my place too.
  8. we did beat your the one that's :owned: ******
  9. Hey, good to hear from ya brian. You'll love using air tools. I don't work without them. I've been working on my garage. Just doing some painting and getting it setup. Should be done in a week or so, can't wait. I'am also having a house warming party palnned for the 15th of nov. All you guys are welcome to come. I haven't heard anything about our shirts yet, but should be any day now. I'll let you guys know as soon as I have them. Well off to do some more painting...
  10. still thinking about a lift?? :shrug:
  11. Ya, when I build my other garage.
  12. :nice:
  13. just make sure you have plenty of electrical outlets in there. I only have a couple of outlets in mine and it sucks. Need some with more amperage and a 220 would be nice.
  14. hehe 220 is nice but damn it hurts when it gets ya
  15. dumb ass :bang:
  16. Funny you should mention 220. I'll have it in the garage this week to run my compressor. For free!!! :D
  17. it wasn't my fault!! My dad told me that he turned off the breaker and i trusted him. That **** hurt bad too and he laughed his ass off after i told him i was OK. the bastard

    also dan how long are you going to be in sig??? there is a chance that i may be coming over there
  18. hey, electricity is fun. been zapped many times. Only hurts briefly.
  19. probably be here till mid dec. at least. i think we will be here till feb.