North East SSoM Members!!!

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  1. :rolleyes: Ahhhhhh, That Explains it :rlaugh:

    Happy Hallowen Everyone :D

    Moving day today, I'll be in my new place by tonight :nice:
  2. :nice: ok guys, i ordered my nittos for the new rims today (275/40/17 front, and the 315's out back) as well as a Spec stage 2 clutch to handle that kenne Bell TORQUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :nice:

  3. sweet!!!!!

    i wish kenne bell would get off thier asses and make a blower for the 99/01 Cobras they have been saying one in is development for over a year now but still no blower :mad:
  4. I'm gonna eat that 01 snake for lunch ******!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. That will be like like an after dinner mint for you. Of course we all know your main course is a fat d*[email protected] in your mouth :rlaugh: .

  6. someone is being quite the DICK lately!!!! :scratch:
  7. That does it i am gettin dual fart pipes, the biggest damn wing i can find, at least 50 stickers and some japanese writting and i'll tear all of ya new asses!!!!! with alll that stuff i shold be deep into the 10s dammit!!!!!!

    oh yeah a ***K ya both :D

  8. Hey, I was trying to stick up for you!! Ya you try all that stuff, i'll just have to get another NAWZZZZ system!! Everyone will be :owned: ! 'Nuff said!


  9. :lol: :nono: :nono: :nono: Sorry bro, I was only kidding. I promise to be a kinder, gentler, $5 corner gutter $lut from now on, o.k.? :flag:

  10. i just need a hug man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(
  11. Is anyone still alive up there?? :shrug:
  12. barely...
  13. Alive and kickin' I am. Got Katie's cousinn for the weekend, so I will be all PS2ed out by the end of the weekend. Gonna pick up a used '98 Chevy Tahoe today, my '89 Sable is going away finally. I know, I know, a Chevy?? True, but I got a hell of a deal on it and it's actually pretty cool and in great shape. Interior needs some work though.

    In a little over a month Katie and I will be in the Carribean on a cruise! That is gonna be nice. It will be the first time that I will have a tan in the winter. Depending on how much time I have in Florida, I might stop in at Steeda. That would be really cool. CYA :nice: !

  14. hows the weather back there??
  15. Lots of rain in the past few weeks, but not REALLY cold.....yet, although there have benn a few chilly ones. Today was damn chilly and windy. Snow will be here soon :notnice: :bs: . I usually get back into PS2 and the NFL this time of year to help the time pass. Spring never comes soon enough. Watching the snow melt is worse than watching grass grow.

  16. tell me about it.......... :bs:
  17. we actually saw a little snow yesterday morning while out hunting. The last couple of days have been real cold. I washed my car this afternoon and the water was freezing on the car. Hard to believe that it was about 70 a week ago.
  18. winter sucks. hopefully it's not as bad as last winter. I'm getting home first week of Feb, so i get to see the worst of it!!!!! :notnice:
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  19. "Wanna get high?"
  20. i can't wait to get back to the cold!!!!! Feb is a good skiing month