North East SSoM Members!!!

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  1. :notnice:
  2. Damn it Towely, no I don't wanna get high......Ok maybe later.
  3. i am thinkin about getting one of these this winter

  4. you are gonna hurt yourself. 'You'll shoot your eye out kid'
  5. I love Towelie.

    Anyone miss me?? Im all moved in , have been since Nov 1st but jsut got the Internet back today, so whats been going on? Did I miss anything?
  7. ummmmmm, why not just get a blower?? It would be more fun!!
  8. Id never buy a snowmobile, its almost the middle of Nov and no snow yet, and even when we do get snow u have to get a few good storms before the trails become any good at all, unless u want to be hauling it way up north evertime u want to go riding
  9. I thought he meant he was gonna get himself a man. :shrug:

  10. NOW THAT WAS FUNNY! :rlaugh:

  11. that hurts man :(

    I used to have a sled before io joined the navy, a 95 Yamaha V-Max 600 it topped out at 105...i loved that sled then i sold it to some kid who wrecked it about a month after i sold it to him :nonono: but i got 4k for when i sold it soooooo it didn't bother me to much
  12. that was the funniest thing i've heard all day!!!!! :nice:
  13. This is Going to be my New Toy Next Spring.
  14. Nice ride Travis. I would like to get a Polaris Sportsman myself, but I think it will be a year or two.

    Sorry Mike, I could not resist. I only said it out of love. BTW, Towelie was on Southpark last night. Damn i'm wasted :D .

  15. Damn it I feel asleep during the show. I missed Towelie!

    I'm so wasted right now I don't even know whats going on.
    Check out . They have a bunch of pics and sound bites that you can download. I saved some good ones from Towelie because he is my hero.
  16. Anything new back in Maine these days????
  17. Well the Casino got voted down. Is that new enough news for you? Oh yeah the Indians are a little pissed.
  18. here is more news for you. Talking Towelie is on his way here.

    'Man I'm so wasted'

  19. The wind has been blowing like a MOFO for the past 2 days.