North East SSoM Members!!!

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  1. How about tonight beeuutch!

  2. Since when has that been a factor???

    Iceland eh cool emauella sounds like fun too

  3. Bring it, Its go time.
  4. Titans are teh ghey!!

    Go Pats!!!!!
  5. oh I got 7G's in the bank right now......should have about 10 g's saved by x-mas!!!!!!! I can feel the KB getting ever so closer!!!!!!!!!!!! :banana:
  6. no. what your feeling is that guy next to you putting his hand on your peter.

  7. Thats Blasfamhy :bs:

    I still like the Pats, I just like using the Titans for Madden , I like both teams equally
  8. no it isn't..........Mike (BadStang) isn't here!!!!!!! :lol:
  9. Ya, and who said anything about use of hands.


  10. RIDE that fence boy. It sounds like, "I like using men for sex, but I like both men and women equally."
  11. oohhhhh you dirty little man you :banana:
  12. oh boy only 2 more months to go!! :banana: :banana: :banana:
  13. damn right!!!!!!!

    Oh and i gots 3k in savings and 9k in Checking right now woohoo

    The Cobra is gettin some goodies oh yes
  14. this is gonna be an expensive year around here and they say the economy still sucks.
  15. i hate you.......we ain't making s#!t up here

  16. Your just still pissed b/c I whooped you last time, hey when we play again how about u try to keep Eddie George under 100 yrd rushing for the game MKay, that might help ya :p

    Lets try to play saturday night, I cant tonight b/c Im going to bed early for Overtime on saturday, so saturday night when I get home I'll play you, regardless of being sick and working a 14 hr day on sat, a 15 hr day on turkey day and a regular 8 today. Wont be long before u realize that when u play me at madden u should :hail2: :hail2: :hail2:

  17. Bitch please!!! you are makin like 56 a day in Iceland and your were makin what 37 a day in sig plus tax free overlands

    I havn't touched my pay check since we left i just spending perdium.

    The only money the wife will let me have is the savings acount from my perdium :(

    And i hate you because Kenny Bell wont make a blower for the 99/01 Cobras the bastage!!!!!!
  18. Kenne Bell should have a kit out for the 01 cobras by the time we get home.....
  19. Nope they canxed it due to lack of demand for it the bastards

    Got the pics very nice!!!

    I'd hit it BTW
  20. Ahh that sucks bro.......I'll remember to wave at you in the rear view of my "lil' 2 valve" :banana: