Stage3 Motorsports - Are They Reputable?

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  1. Wow. What happened to this site? I know it's been a long time since I had a mustang.... but these forums used to be THE place to go.

    Where do all the whipper snappers hang out these days?
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  2. Maybe the listed the price for the Axle-back instead??

    I do agree with you on the Forum being dead...Maybe just the cars are newer, and not as much modding going on??
  3. Stage 3 is legit. I'd jump on that price BTW
  4. Were all still here, just not in this forum :D
  5. Yeah, I'm wrestling with it. That price is too good to pass up....but my heart has always been set on a Bassani cat back.

    I had a Bassani catback and Bassani high flow catted xpipe on a 99 Cobra and the sound was just amazing.

    I see that Bassani makes a catback that includes an xpipe (reuses stock cats) for the 13-14's, but no high flow catted X.

    Magnaflow makes this competition cat back muffler which has the straight through muffler design like the Bassani AND they sell a high flow catted X-pipe. The only complaints I've heard so far on the Magnaflow catback are that the tips are a pain to line up.

    If I go with the Bassani setup I'll have to find some other set of high flow cats to replace the stock ones with.

    I emailed Stage3 to see what's up with the price on that Magnaflow. Seems to good to be true.
  6. You guys need to remember than it's winter out there and 3/4 of North America is blanketed in snow right now. Most people aren't in Mustang summer cruising mode just yet. ;)

    Ever go to a Snowmobile website in the summer months??? Exactly.
  7. I took your advice and went with the Magnaflow from Stage3. That price was just too good to pass up!
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  8. Yes they are. Got my GT500 Axle Backs from them for $319. Shipped. Got them in three days. They are louder,, but NOT obnoxious and won't cause neighbor problems, but sound GREAT when you jump o it.
  9. I just bought JBA Long Tube Titanium coated, JBA Off Road H pipe, JBA Cat back exhaust for 1429.00 from Stage 3 they seem to have great prices I also used the coupon code S3M005 for 5% discount