Wheels-Tires Staggered Tire Sizes On Stock Rims

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  1. I want to get rid of the wimpy 235's that came on the car [2013] Not sure if I could get a little taller tire in the rear also to fill up the wheel well better. I would guess I could go 255's or 245's in the front, but I am unsure about the rear. Any suggestions on tires for a staggered look on stock rims?
  2. 255s fit easy, that is stock on a Brembo car (and is what I have). I've seen people posting they have 285s, and the new Shelby tribute car apparently has 315s on 13" wheels (and some body work, but :eek: anyway).
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  3. Im thinking 275's should fit on the rear. Thanks for your response
  4. if you have 18" wheels you can fit 275/40s on the rear or even 285/40s. they will look "big" on the stock wheels but they will work, so you will need to work with air pressure to make sure you get proper tire wear. you can definitely fit 255/45s on the front.
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  5. Maybe try a wheel spacer in the rear to widen the stance a little. Keep the same size tires all around that way you can still rotate them properly? Maybe go 255/45's on all 4 corners.
  6. I've got 245/45 up front and 275/40 rear on stock 19" wheels. Looks awesome. Should come that way from factory.