stainless brake hoses, front or front & rear?

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  1. So I'm thinking about purchasing stainless brake lines for the 95 gt. I know the front axles come from factory w/ the rubber hoses but what about the rear? Are they rubber as well or does the rear use a hard line? I found this ad It says front, rear, and center... Most of the kits I've like on LMS and AM are just front only. What do you guys think of this kit?
  2. I always seem to stump em with my questions
  3. Russell's make quality fittings. I can't imagine their brake lines being any different. You'll certainly get more pedal feel with the stainless lines.
  4. Thanks man. So that's the kit I want that comes w/ the rear hoses as well? Reason I'm asking is apon doing research ie google, I came across a forum thread where a guy was told that the rear hose was a hard line and not rubber. But I believe the guy was inquiring about hoses for a fox mustang and I wasn't sure if the sn95's were the same.
  5. Rear lines are rubber.
    Left right and center for the rear.

    I have the full Russell set (thanks SableSal !) On my 94 gt with cobra front and rear brakes.
    Definitely better pedal feel.
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  6. thanks man
  7. That 5 piece kit is definately the way to go. I bought mine when they only offered the 3 piece kit, so I still have rubber lines going from the axle to the rear calipers. If you are going to do it, you might as well do all of them. Chances are, with the car being as old as it is, the factory lines are due for replacement anyway.

  8. I have the Maximum Motorsports 5 piece kit that are made by StopTech, very high quality kit.
  9. Yeah thats what I'm thinkin
  10. wasn't $85 was it?
  11. No, it was a lot more. But MM is local to me and since my work's sister store is the dealer that supplies all of their OEM Ford parts I get a good price.
  12. Sounds like a good deal for ya. I think I'm gonna opt for the cheaper this go round, well most go rounds it seems.
  13. Ok so I'm fixing to do a brake job on the 95 and as some of you may read I was looking at some stainless hoses b/c you know "when you're in there you might as well upgrade." Well I was pretty much sold on em but then I had a thought that I'd price stock rubber replacement lines just to see what they were running. Well dang the stock rubbers are like $15 a piece, I didn't realize that there'd be that a price difference between the stainless and the rubber. Do the stainless/Teflon really make that big of a difference or is it another one of those placebo things? I guess they'd be sum better but are they really worth twice as much better? Oh and I' m already prepared for the response, "ya get what ya pay for" Sometimes that's just what people say who paid too much.
  14. Russel usually makes a product that fits really well. The annoyance comes when you have to start modding bracket locations so the lines don't rub on the on my Aerospace kit.

  15. Yeah, they really do make a difference. It gives you a firmer more consistent brake feel.

  16. I priced replacement rubber hoses and saw the dramatic difference in price, like $15 per hose. Would steel/teflon really make that much a difference?
  17. The short answer...yes. When you dive on the brakes hard, or even brake aggressively with rubber hoses, they tend to "swell" momentarily, reducing line pressure and therefore force being applied to the caliper piston. The effect becomes ever more pronounced during repeated braking, when the fluid heats up and the hoses soften even further. This is one of the reasons brakes can feel "spongy" after repeated stops.

    You'll notice better (less spongy) pedal feel as well as more consistent stopping power with the braided brake hoses. By no means will the dramatically improve an inferior braking system like the one found on the stock Mustang (more so with the Fox body brakes), but it will remove that limitation in the system and you will notice a difference.
  18. Yeah I was kind of wondering if the stainless hoses are the "cold air intake" of the braking system, metaphorically speaking that is. You know when people say "I put on the cai and I felt better throttle response".... and so forth. I dunno maybe I'll get em maybe not.
  19. I was researching brakes hoses (again) and ran across a forum post, think it was on the corral and someone said that there was a TSB from ford having the brake hoses from the '94 and I assume 95 replaced by the brake hoses from the '99 model. I looked at the ford tsb's and didn't find anything about it. But does anyone know if the hoses from the '99 will bolt up to the 95 gt? The guy on the corral posts says so but who knows. Anyone?? Found the link. it's post number 10
  20. Definitely worth it!!