stainless brake hoses, front or front & rear?

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  1. yeah, if youre at that point where you need hoses, do yourself a favor and get the stainless ones!
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  4. I know I can't answer definitively. I would suggest maybe going to the parts store, asking for a 1995 brake line and a 1999 brake line and perhaps comparing the two? :shrug:

    I can definitely tell you that Ford has different part numbers for the different year brake hoses. 1995 is F4ZZ2078B for front left and 1999 is F9ZZ2078AA for the same side.
  5. yeah that was my next move
  6. The current hoses aren't leaking or anything they just have a butt ton o miles on em
  7. So I'm thinking about getting some pads from summit and it says hardware not included. So I email the customer service tech guy and ask what hardware do I need with these pads? And he replies does it have disc or rear and I say yes. His next email said well then there should be no hardware needed. Does this sound correct to you guys? Once apon a time I took a vehicle (07 expedition) to just brakes to get a brake job done (I'll never do that agian). When I returned the price has increased significantly due to replacing "hardware." So what is this hardware they speak of if any? I may put the new pads on myself or I may take em some place I'm not sure yet but I want to have my ducks in a row. Is there any hardware I need to purchase before hand? I'm thinking about getting power stop clean ride ceramic pads. They say they are Integrally molded with shims. So anyway, what else do I need to purchase?


  8. Well I just had my brakes done, and I replaced the calipers since they were gone to hell.
    Anyways, some pin that was apart of the assembly was suppose to be reused, but was rusted to death. We had to go to napa and buy a caliper that came with the extra hardware for more.
    That's just an example.
    It really varies on if things are what they same, but if you do take it to a shop, I would ask for everything to be listed before hand and as such.
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  10. If you're staying with stock 94-98 V6/GT brakes;

    One of these for the rear,

    And one of these for the front,

    If your slide pins are suspect,you'll also need these.

    Rear, one set per side,

    Front, one set per side,

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