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  1. Hey guys I need some help here. I want to change my headers and midpipe on my 90 Gt, and I want to get them in stainless steel. First of all should I go longtube, Short tube, or equal length? Secondly, what headers will be the best choice in Stainless. Thirdly, whatever i do i was told that ceramic coated headers are the best because they stay cooler. Next, if i go with long tubes i am having trouble finding a stainless catted midpipe. Every catted midpipe i have found have been aluminized steel which i don't want. However a stainless catted midpipe for shorties is easier to find. Also, should i go with cats at all, just a thought? Opinions any one?
  2. Long tubes will make more power, but cost you some ground clearance. If you drive in cold weather, the O2 sensors take a while to warm up on long tubes, but it's not that big a deal. I would not go equal length shorties - not worth the installation hassle for minimal to no gain versus unequal length shorties. I also like stainless, but like ceramic coating even more. For my 89, it's been a few years, but I went with a Bassani stainless catted X pipe at the time. For my 04, I recently went with a Magnaflow stainless catted X pipe.
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  3. never heard of any issue with o2 sensors. The only header I would ever use besides longtubes is a turbo manifold LOL
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  4. I wasn't gonna go with the unequals anyway i just thought i would ask. I currently have a magnaflow catback ,so most likely i will get a magnaflow catted x-pipe as well. Any opinions on what brand of ceramic coated shorties i should buy? I only wish i was installing turbo manifolds.
  5. I prefer bassani equals. They are good up to more than a stock block 302 can handle and aren't oversized for mild engines. Quality is near perfect.
    Anyone that thinks they are tough to install doesn't know what they are doing.

    I think it's the long tubes are the hassle and aren't worth the trouble. The cheap brands fit like crap and hang way too low.
  6. Longtubes are definitely worth whatever hassle you come up against. My BBK longtubes go in real nicely if i jack the car high enough to stuff em in from below
  7. The bottom line is shorty headers add minimal hp gains. They are more for sound and looks. If you go that route, the best ones IMO are the FRPP ceramic coated shorties. Long tubes can be a PITA to install and know that some manufacturers make different ones for AOD or T5. I do not like MAC headers because of the flanges. BBK, Hooker, or Kooks are choices for LT. For header bolts, you can use either ARP or I prefer to use SS 1" long allen head bolts with lock washers- never had a set back out. For gaskets- you can actually reuse the stock copper ones as they are good quality, or a set of percy copper gaskets, or felpro gaskets. I spray a light coat of copper permatex on both sides for better sealing. Once you tighten them down and after a few heat cycles, retorque them.
  8. Check out Pypes brand for stainless x/h mid sections. They have advertised stainless ones with removable cats.
  9. I personally found installing a set of 1 5/8" BBK long tubes almost as easy to install as a set of equal length shorties. I also found installing a set of 1 7/8" Kooks to be a royal pain, and they required custom welded exhaust pieces versus off the shelf mid pipes (they the Kooks do look gorgeous and mean, as in huge).
  10. Not to be that guy, but every single piece of exhaust I have ever seen come from Pypes has been absolute garbage as far as fitment is concerned. I say x2 on the BBK long tubes
  11. He asked for stainless. Their price difference could justify a bit of adjusting if he wants to avoid aluminum coated steel. I do not think my off road BBK X pipe or the new in box BBK with cats one in my shop is stainless.
  12. stainless is overated on an exhaust if you ask me!
  13. Ceramic coated stainless would have the best insulating properties; a good second option is simple ceramic coated mild steel. BBK has served me well over the years; I've had shorty unequal lengths, shorty equal lengths, & my current 1&3\4" long tubes....Plus BBK off road H, catted H, & off road X pipes. Fit & finish has always been great with the BBK stuff in my years of experience....
    My only issue? My current passenger side long tube ceramic coasting is pealing off.... I'm not quite certain as to why.... My best guesses: either the header wasn't properly prepped before ceramic coating was applied or my current non-tuned engine combo (which I know is off quite a bit) is overheating the primaries & causing the issue....
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