Stalker Hoods Who's Got Em? Need Pics!

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  1. i need pics of Stalker hoods on 99-04 Mustangs...prefer Sonic Blue, but any dark color will work, need as many angles as possible. Show me what you got!

  4. Cowl hood FTMFW!
  5. everybody and their brother has them ugly *** cowl hoods. i want something different than everyone else, everyone has a termie hood, and everyone has the mach 1 hoods. the only car a cowl looks decent on is an 87-93 mustang gt.

    Stalker looks way better than the Saleen, stock GT hoods, or the Mach 2 hood.
  6. Sorry, no pics here. All I have are pics are ugly cowl hoods and termi hoods. :shrug:
  7. The stalker hood is an ugly piece of ****.
  8. sorry man but hoods with nostrils = poop. everyone has cowl hoods because they look really good on our cars.. especially sonic blue cars.. they're just not my taste but it's your car and if you think it will look good go for it:nice:

    PM jivepepper cause he has one, or find his cardomain cause he has a few pics up with it.. his is silver though.

    this isn't exactly sonic blue but maybe it will give you and idea :shrug:
  9. everyone and their brother owns a mustang, yet you bought one. Has to do with taste, something the stalker kit falls short of
  10. It looks just like the 71-73 mach 1 hood. I personally don't see anything wrong with the hood.
  11. 71-73 Mach 1
  12. this is with the assumption that what looks good on one mustang looks good on another? It'd be a leap to say those two body styles even resemble each other in the slightest
  13. I agree but at least it’s a hood that was used on a mustang. Don't get me wrong I wouldn't put it on my car but it was a style used for 3 years on a classic mustang. Just think, the 03-04 cobra looks like the 67-68 Fastback hoods, mach1s look like the 69-70 mach1 hoods and the 01-04 GTs look like the 69-70 stangs that had the fake hood scoops.
  14. point taken
  15. that hood would probably look a lot less bad if it was on a car without that gawd awful bumper...
  16. nice to see someone knows their mustang history well!

    here ya go.

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    I agree....the stalker "kit" will not find it's way on my car. i just like that hood because it reminds me of the old 70's model Mach 1's and it will look really good with an 03 cobra front bumper

    also might help if you guys understand my point with the car here. this is not the finished product, but the mustang will be a tribute to several different mustangs.

    Mach 1 (Hood)
    Bullitt Sidescoops
    Roush Spoiler
    GT Sideskirts (you see saleen in the picture, but that's not happening at all)
    03 Cobra Front Bumper
    03 Cobra Rear Bumper (with the word Mustang....instead of Cobra)

    Mach 1, Bullitt, Cobra, Gt, and Roush are all included in the design

    (only ones it won't pay tribute to are Saleen, Boss, Shelby, Parnelli Jones)

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  17. Looks like a Grand Am GT hood... I don't really like it :shrug: