Stalker Hoods Who's Got Em? Need Pics!

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  1. I would say go for it, get the hood. I think it would look good with the 03-04 cobra front bumper (it would be different but I don’t think it would be bad). You are doing the right thing by not getting the rest of the stalker kit. I think that hood would look good on a wingless car. It’s your car, do what you want, we are all just posting opinions.
  2. Never seen an 03 cobra bumper with MUSTANG in it...I think I likes, where did you get it??

  3. haha, it's just a photoshop...but it will be done sometime this summer.

    basically you just cut the word mustang out of a stock mustang bumper, but you cut out a rectangle around the entire word. cutout exactly the same size area and remove the cobra...then you take the rectangle with Mustang on it, and mold it into the cobra bumper with fiberglass, bondo, whatever, smooth it out till it looks like it's all one piece, then you primer it and paint it.
  4. Thats alot easier said than done.

    It will look good though if you do it. I looked into doing the same thing. I talked to my friend that does fiberglass work and he told me unless you REALLY know what you are doing or you pay someone to do it its not going to turn out. I asked him how much he would charge and he laughed and said you don't want to know. He said that not hving the rectangle show up in the light would be real hard.

    Here are a few hoods he has made.




    The shelby pics were of our car when he was test fitting it but we don't have that hood on the car.
  5. If you were to get the cobra bumper, just fill in the letters and have it wordless. I think that looks pretty bad ass.
  6. looks much better without the crap inside the scoops
  7. it reminds me of a pontiac too much
  8. thanks!!! that looks bad ass!!!!

    yeah I'm so not doing get barely rear ended and all that bondo comes flying out. no thanks.
  9. stay will be later this summer.
  10. :eek: :jaw: Custom for your car, or for sale??? If so, where do I get 1??? I always wanted the Cobra rear, but dont want it shaved & 4 sure dont want it to be a Fobra ( no offense anyone, just not my style)
  11. it's getting custom done for my car.

    if you want it done, you'll just have to pony up the cash to have it done. make sure you save the receipts though, that way if you're ever in an accident, the insurance company of the person who hits you will have to pay what it cost to do it in the first place.

    but if you hit someone/something, your insurance company will only pay you what a regular bumper and paint would cost. so if you have something done like that and you want it to be covered, make sure you add it as custom work/accessories coverage to your policy (most policies have them), otherwise they won't cover the extra expense for custom work.

    when I am done with my car, I will be getting it appraised with all the cosmetics being factored in and searching for insurance that will cover me on everything, but it will be a weekend driver in the summer only once I'm all finished with it.
  12. Man I swear that blk one parked in the grass with the trucks around it is from right here in my area,college station tx,we have an annual car show every year and I know ive seen that one here...hell I think I got some pics of it.
  13. that's a bullitt mustang, and it's dk. green.....not black.....:D
  14. well EXCUSE ME...:D .Yea I figured it was a bullit but on my laptop it looked blk,but its grn...what wonders the contrast control can do:)
  15. Maybe that is from the local car show here...I can see tx plates and those tx stickers on the windshield.

    Also im no body repair person,but it would seem to me that taking the GT's rear bumper cover and cutting the lower part out and adding the insert from the cobra would be alot easier,and besides theres no seem to fill in from the looks of the pic...just a thought.
  16. that might be a good idea too. didn't think about that.
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    To me that would just make so much more sense and reasonable.No bondo or whatever to fill in the seam from the rectangle cutout.This way all your doing is subtracting a part of the original and adding a inserted part thats supposed to have a seam showing.Now if you are hit in the back it would be a simple fix...or somewhat anyway.I also think that this would be a cheaper route than the other.The reason this has come to mind is that I like to build alot of model cars but I like to do them custom so that its mine.Ill fab all types of parts for them and if I was gonna build one like this thats exactly the way I would do that,the less filler the better the outcome can be with the least amount of work.Also the rear cover is flexable and fillers arent,I dont think it would take a very hard bump to the rear to crack the filler...rear gets hit....cover flexes.....filler DOES NOT.....the whole rectangle cracks or falls out.Not trying to discourage your idea,I just think there problaby is a better way,or more durable way.

    Heres a couple examples:
    I know this is kinda off subject but just trying to show why im thinking the way I am on the rear fact I may try and have it done that way next year for my car...Ive really been thinking about how to do this,I just dont want it to say Cobra and not fond of fillers.

    The hood and lower front valance panel on this one is completly made from scratch:

    This originally is a model of a 67 fastback that im making into Eleanor,everything white and silver is handmade,Still needs some work on the front and fender flares

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  18. why dont you just get a Cobra R hood? those are sweeeeeeet. :)