Stalker Hoods Who's Got Em? Need Pics!

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  1. ugly and too many people have them.

    go look at the 71,72, 73 Mach 1 first...then pontiac started doing the ram air hood thing.
  2. I cant believe somebody hacked up the bullitt with the cobra bumper and stalker hood.......
  3. i cant believe people always want their mustangs to look just like everyone else's instead of being original and doing something the guy with the bullitt!!!! :rolleyes:

    every time I go to a mustang show, I see plain jane mustangs, with bullitt wheels or cobra r, or 2K Cobra R's, same thing different show, still got the stock sidescoops, stock spoiler, same old boring hood, same old boring honeycomb front originality, nothing new, nothing different, just same ole same ole.

    Sometimes you just have to stand out from the pack instead of blending in.
  4. you mean looking good? Yeah we all do, the stalker hood is a step in the other direction - all the power to you to be different. Elanor was different, but different GOOD (looking, it's still a hack job from a 67 fastback to look like a GT500) - my side-pipes are different, but i think they look good. Point is, i didn't put em on to BE different - i put em on cuz it makes sense to eliminate going over the axle, it was cheap to make, and it sounds good.
    Riced out stags with flames and spinners are different too, if you follow that path of just being different for the hell of it you'll end up with a Macy's Day Parade float. Stang enthusiast's cars look generally alike because we all like to make them look good - and there's a limit of parts that accomplish this that are after market.
    Before all these trends came around, the stalker was still available. It didn't catch on like the rest for a reason.
    And Winter's is right, that hood on the Bullit destroys the body lines of what is supposed to be a sleek, wingless stripped looking model.
  5. Agreed. Back when I was looking to buy a Bullitt I read Ford's description of it. Basically what they said they were trying to accomplish was make the GT model as plain as possible. Thats why they removed the side scoops and the rear wing and also blacked out the bracket around the pony on the grill. It was DESIGNED to look as plain as possible just like Steve Mcqueens GT from the movie. Hacking it up with a Stalker hood just ruins the car. I mean why buy a rare car like a Bullitt that Ford only made so many of and ruin it? In my opinion the customization would decrease the value of that particular car. To the guy looking for a Stalker hood, Im not trying to bash you or anything. I dont think the Stalker hood is a bad looking hood and I think it will look fine on your car. But all Im saying is doing it to the Bullitt is pointless.
  6. You should never....... change the exterior of a limited production car like the buillit, mach1 or a cobra (I don’t know why you would want to anyways), it’s a disgrace to the car:nonono: . Now for GTs go a head and change what ever you want but don't put big wings or ricer Euro lights on it.
  7. amen
  8. You seem to overlook the fact being different doesn't always guarantee good looks.



    Yes, it stands out in the pack, all right. Yes, it'll probably win more awards at car shows than both my GT and Cobra combined. Yes, that chick is laughing at the car.
  9. damn that car is hot!!!
  10. Yeah it is!As hot as a big steaming pile of......I dont really have to say.:lol:
  11. so sad, so true.
    Where are the cotton-ball strings that go around in the fender wells and along the rocker panels - it's always so cool when they display the cars like that
  12. no big wings or euro taillights going on my sheiiit!! keeping it some form of actual part roush, part gt, part cobra, part bullitt, part mach 1. i don't like all that rice stuff. but the ram air hood was on the 71, 72, 73 mach 1's so really the stalker hood isn't bad and it isn't rice, it may look a little different than the old mach 1 hoods. rice don't go around here. :nice:

    oh hell no!!
  13. Well at least its still a mustang at heart....:flag: and its prob some young en's car,at least he didnt get an actulal ricer, and thats one more for american long as the sales are there,the stang will be here.Now the is no way any of that will ever be on mine.This car reminds me of last years car show I went to,all muscle from the 30's to current except for a lancer and Focus that was there,and believe me they were laughed at bad,they were mad cuz they couldnt understand why,uh around 150 muscles and then those 2.
  14. Yes, that chick is laughing at the car.!:rlaugh:


    Now I have to admit that I have clear tail lights... BUT they are the same shape/ form as the stockers and they flow with my clear headlights, thrid brake light and bumper reflectors. Half the people that see them Hate them and the other half Love them. They took some work because I put all LED's in them so they wouldnt have ugly red bulbs sticking out and I had to wire in resistors and ****. I love them though and mostly the only place I get any **** for them is on here.
    Oh and I have also been called a ricer on here because my Steeda Race wing is a "Park bench".
  15. wing is fine, and i like the rims...
  16. One thing I will tell you is that I can appreciate a clean car regardless of how fugly it is. A well kept car means someone cares enough to keep it in good shape. :nice:

    Even if they like big chrome rims, park bench wings, and altezza-style lights. :D
  17. stalker ftl....sorry
  18. What about my hood? Gt style with a 2" cowl...

    I KNOW, I KNOW, It needs to be lowered. That and sub frame connectors are the next mods. And the cobra badges are going bye bye too... they were on there when I bought it. I think I might get the old school GT 4.6 emblems though... what do you guys think?
  19. why is the back squatting?
  20. I was wondering the same thing or is just the front making it seem that way.:shrug: