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  1. I have a 94 gt aode with a trans go shift kit and I'm unsure on what stall to use. I have gt-40p heads, gt-40 intake, 65mm throttle body, fuel regulator, mac cold air, 1.6 roller rockers, underdrive pulleys, mac headers, mac h-pipe, mac cat back, and 3:55 gears.
  2. always go higher than you think your comfortable with cause you'll get used to it in a week, and wish you went better.

  3. I was thinking about a 2500 stall some people tell me not to go higher because I will lose drivablity but I'm wondering how a 3000 would feel
  4. Stall

    I was just as cautious as you were and chose to go w/less stall than BigTony had recommended. He told me that w/an NA H/C/I setup I should go w/3600. He had already done the daily driver /week end racer and started w/3400 then had it loosened up. Heck they drive it on trips and it has a loose 3600.

    I wish I had started w/a 3600. My 3400 is tight and other than the initial getting used to a little more rev and sound when starting out not much difference in normal driving. Off the line, that's totally different and more stall is more haul......
  5. 3000 Absolute Minimum!!!!!!!
  6. 3000+

    the lock on the interstate so you will retain your trip mileage and have much more fun in town.

    like I said you will wish you had gone higher after one week