Drivetrain Stall Speed on New Converter

White Wolf

Dec 10, 2018
Las Vegas NV
I have a 2013 V6 modified. It has aftermarket Trans Brake JMS works great. I purchased a new Circle D 3800 Stall Converter. Just had it installed and runs great no issues there. My question is when I hit the transbrake PRIOR to getting a new converter it would go up and max out at 2200 RPM. I thought when the new converter was installed it would automatically go up to 3500 plus on the RPM, but not the case. It still maxes out at 2200 when I hit the trans brake. I know you dont need another tune for this as I asked Bama. So can someone tell me how I can fully utilize my Stall Speed in the new converter? What needs to be adjusted or purchased to increase this?
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