Drivetrain Stall Speed

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  1. what is a good stall speed for a car that gets driven on the street about 1000 miles a year? i dont want somthing too crazy, but i want to be able to get the revs up a bit at the track. i was thinking 2500-3000 range.
  2. I have a 3000 stall edge in my 383 thats mostly street driven. If its a 302 i would guess 2400...stroked 2800
  3. Cubic inches don't mean a thing when it comes to stall speed...
    My dad's drag car has a 351 and he has a 3200-3600 stall converter in it. That's a higher stall than your 383 and has less cubic inches. He has the biggest Lunati Voodoo cam they make for the 351, though.

    Stall speed should be dictated by where your engine starts making power.

    Let's say your car starts making power at 2200 RPM (this is just an example), you'll need a stall converter that's a little higher than 2200 RPM. Too often do I see people have a lightly modded car (small cam, exhaust and maybe CAI) and they throw a huge stall at it. That's a waste of power right there.
  4. Well the cam is designed for 1500-5500 so I would think that 2500 would be a good start.
  5. Yeah 2500 isn't a bad start. I went crazy over this a couple months ago. Most street driven stuff is happy between that 2500-3200. Actual stall speed can vary. Best way is to talk to a converter guy. Have the engine, rear gear and cam specs ready. I went to Andre at Edge. This converter feels 1000x better than the B&M Holeshot i had in there before. Just keep in mind that transmissions with higher than stock stall converters should be properly cooled. Find a decent stacked plate cooler for good insurance.
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  6. It depends on many factors including the engine combo, peak HP/TQ and the rpm reaks, the shape of the torque curve, vehicle weight, gearing, and intended use.
  7. ^THIS
  8. Yeah my tuner recommended a bar and plate cooler also. Going to definitely look into a good one. He recommended a b&m unit that was about 80$..
  9. Look at the Tru-Cool ones. Cheaper price....larger cooling area. I use the 4793 mounted to the front of the radiator support behind the grill area.

    Got mine here.
  10. And consider that you may not see the advertised 3000rpm stall (just an example). Depends on when your car makes the torque and coming off a footbrake it won't stall as high. Sounds like its a street car solely so it may not matter. Just adding some info
  11. Street car with a couple trips to the track a year..