Roush Stallion Club

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by MysteryMachine, Nov 27, 2003.

  1. Hey guys and girls I started my own Mustang club! but its kinda hard to have a club with no members so check it out and please join. its just getting started but i feel it will grow hopfully pretty big. Its at a temp spot for now till I see how well it goes over but I hope to buy space and get its own domain so check it out

  2. Nice site just kinda courious why you posted the link??
  3. and by the way mine is just starting not many people know about it yet it wil get there
  4. just incase you thought you were the only stallion club out there thats all, maybe that site could give you some ideas for yours
  5. oh ok thought maybe you very being a smart ass saying mine sucked. Well I'll admit it kinda does right now but like i said before its only been posted on here and corral so its not to well known yet i'm working on some promtional ideas to see how that works out..

    That is one sweet ass pic they got though wish i was that good in photoshop maybe after I hear from my friend about our logo ours will look sweet too
  6. nice site u got goin!
  7. The Stallions is a California based car club and public website. It has been around for 2yrs and counting. Looks like you've decided to do the same as I did a few years back and start a club. Good luck, but there can only be 1 real "STALLIONS" and we're it.
    Not trying to ruin your fun or anything, but I think you'd hate it to be confused with with our club