Stang BBQ

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  1. Alright there have been talks about putting together an end of the summer BBQ, so I am going to try and lead it up. How does August 15th sound? Late afternoon, for those of us who have church can attend. What do you guys think??? Busse woods???
  2. That is a definite possibility. I know that I don't have plans that day and we should be pretty much done with our move by then. My dad just got the white 380R convertible from Rod Baker's and I know he wants to tag along too. I'll check to see if he is free that day. Where exactly is Busse woods?
  3. I am in man!!! Let us know what to bring!
  4. I'm in...I should be free that day.
  5. 380R, oh dang, what exactly is done to that thing? i know it is quick
  6. Busse woods is in Schaumburg, by streets of woodfield i believe
  7. I should be free that day too, count me in and let me know if there is anything I can bring.
  8. Sounds good to me.... I'll be there. :nice:
  9. should I install a hitch on my mustang and bring my smoker?????
  10. The only thing he's done so far is drop in a K&N air filter. I know that he's pretty close to ordering an exhaust because it still has the stock GT exhaust (which I think is kind of dumb). He's just trying to decide what to get. I've driven it a couple of time and it's got a really nice ride, plus it's fast :nice:
  11. Ok guys it looks like this is a go...I will make up a list of things we need for the bbq and then post them up...then you guys can choose what to bring.
    sound good??
  12. Sorry, I just re-read your post and you asked what is done to the car, not what he's done. It's basically the GT motor with the Eaton supercharger on it. It's got the Roush front facia and the white/blue signature Roush seats...white face gauges, Roush vintage shifter, larger brakes. I think it's lowered a little too. I know it's not as low as my Mach though. Since it's a convertible it's got the style bar with a LED brake light. It's still got the stock GT bullitt wheels.
  13. not you know what they rate the hp at?
  14. :D Count me in!! That's what I do best.....EAT.
  15. The little plaque on the console by the power port says 380 hp/379 tq. I think that there is a dyno sheet or some certification showing that it dynoed at those numbers.
  16. Count me in! :nice:

    R L
  17. I have plans that day ,but I might be able to swing by for a few. What time is the BBQ at??
  18. count me in, ill have steve bring the snake statue and ill bring the beer/grill :D

  19. it would be after 1, prob around 3 or something....i need to check with busse woods and see if we need to reserve or get a permit...