Stang BBQ

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  1. P.S.

    Do I REALLY haffa bring the Cobra?? hehehehehe KIDDDINGGGG

  2. Derek, we should try to hit up hooters or something in december when you get back. Ill be in Ohio (again :-/) until December. How's your dads car doin??? Im still creamin over that one bro...


  3. Looks like I convinced my mom to come along with her cobra, so add one more person. Don't worry, I will make her bring something, lol!
  4. I'll bring a side or two. Do we need condiments as well? I could pick up ketchup, mustard, relish...
  5. damn i wish we had an organized stang BBQ in NY. NO FAIR! :notnice:
    :fuss: :damnit: :chair: :stick: :uzi: :jester: :flame:

    thats all i have to say about that
  6. Whatcha waitin for?? get to planning then!!!!
  7. Make a roadtrip to Chicago! :D
  8. Hey I might've missed it, but was there a general time set for this thing?

  9. 2 PM
  10. Starts at 2:00, The village will be blocking the streets from 2-8

    R L
  11. Thanks guys! :nice:

  12. Steve, that sounds like a plan. Im leavin next week for school, and probably wont be able to hit up the bbq ( moms bday). But when we both have time we'll chill. Dads car is doing well. Haha he actually put me on the insurance with him so I get to drive it. Damn thing scares the crap outa me. Haha..much faster then my 97gt. Makes me wish i had the twin turbos on the mustang, that would be something.
  13. alright guys, looks like we got great weather forcasted for tomorrow, so just make sure you bring something to the BBQ, especially meat, since not too many people have said they were bringing some. Can't wait to see everyone and their rides!!!!
  14. My daughters b-day party is tomorrow, but i'll try to sneak away for a few. I live by grand and harlem in northwest chicago. 10 minutes away from melrose park. My stang is at sutton ford getting 4:10 gears and Strange 31 spline axles, so i'll have to bring my Autumn Orange explorer. I dont think i can resist that many stangs in one spot so close to home :flag:
  15. Hey guys, I didn't see anyone say anything about burgers, so I bought a couple boxes at the store today. I think there's 24, in case someone else is bringing that too. :)
  16. I won't be able to make it guys sorry I was planning on bringing some burgers but I can't stray to far from the house today for health reasons.

    Hope you guys all have fun someone better be taking pics :flag:
  17. Hey I just wanted to say thanks again to Bobby and your wife for hosting the bbq yesterday! It was an awesome time, great weather, nice much fun! Soooooo.....when's the next one?? j/k! Thanks again though!
  18. Yeah...thanks again! What a great time!

  19. :nice: What she said.

    I had a great time. I enjoyed meeting all of you!