Stang BBQ

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  1. Hey I am sure I met you ysterday, but not sure who you were :shrug:

    Damn, I knew we should have used those name tags! lol!
  2. We didnt formally meet. I had the tar stained black Mustang parked next to Bobbys car and the yellow Mach.

    You may have heard my name, Pepper. I was the only good looking guy there. :D
  3. The only good looking guy there huh?....Oh yeah now I remember, thanks for narrowing it down! haha! You were wearing a white shirt I think.

  4. Well, gray shirt.

    Here I am with my stinker
  5. Yep I remember! Just trying to put everyone's names on here with their faces and their cars! It doesn't help that I am terrible with names either!
  6. I just put 2 and 2 together. :lol: I was just going to ask who you were. I'm the girl as I was leaving said "oh I've heard of you"... haha

    Was a blast yesterday guys and gals. You had a great set-up there Bobby, thanks again.

    Hey Shauna, next time we'll have to remember to bring our pantyhose. :rlaugh:

  7. Yes, I know the feeling.

  8. I always get nervous when I hear someone say that.

  9. Yes pantyhose and....wait I better just stop! I am going to get myself in trouble! :nonono:
  10. You're a bad influence on me. :shrug: haha
  11. Why does everyone say that to me? :shrug: Oh yeah, I know why :D
  12. oh dang, i totally forgot, Pepper gave me name tags and they were in my car, i just forgot to bring them bad
    oh well i think everyone met everyone and it was a great time!!!!
    Only down side to these meetings is, you want to spend more money when you see something you like :)
  13. I knew as soon as I checked this thread out today, i'd be hearing about how great the bbq was. Sorry i missed it. I could'nt pull away from my family-they had me sucked in :lock: I'll get the stang back later this week and i'll be ready for the next function. :flag:
  14. Thanks Bobby :nice:
    It was great metting/seeing everyone and a great gathering of cars. Hopefully I will get my pics posted tonight or tomorrow night.
  15. I want to thank everyone for showing, I had a blast! Maybe we can get another one of these things in before we run out of summer.

    Austin, get them pic's up.

    Jill, I have your tupperware.

    Shauna, you will always be my Shannon. :D

    Thanks again. :nice:

    R L
  16. OH! one more thing

    I am so HUNG OVER!!
  17. i need a server to have them on, bc otherwise i don't know how to get them up...
  18. Bobby - Thanks! It was a great time! Did you ever find out about my performance part? :D

  19. No problem, That performance part will run you $56.00, Should I order it?

    R L
  20. Bobby Are you ordering it from AL P????
    If you are please order it! Let me know - I am good for it :rlaugh: