Stang for sale alon with 2.3t motor, and rims

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  1. Well I am selling my 1989 Mustang 2.3l lx. It is maroon with 80,000 on the na 2.3 motor. It is lowered and has the gt sway bar on it the front. In the last 1000 miles I replaced the clutch and the throw out bearing. Has a cd player.

    Looking to get $1700

    Also have white pony rims with 1 year old kumho tires.

    Looking to get $550

    Also have 2.3 turbo motor from a 88 turbocoupe. Would like to sell the motor whole but will part out if there is no interest in it.

    Looking to get $300

    email with any questions @ [email protected]
    Located in Howell, MI
  2. Any pics of the wheels?
  3. Wished to live nearest :)
  4. Yea if I was closer I would be more likely to buy the wheels. I've wanted a white set for at least 3 years.