Stang Gets Shelby GT500 Look

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  1. Sorry, I couldnt find a general Stang section here. The 2013 Stang is going receive a variety of exterior styling changes taken right from the current Shelby GT500. Do these details look accurate to you?

    2013 Mustang to Get Shelby GT500 Styling
  2. if this in fact going to happen i'm a bit excited to see the design. and bumping up the horses to 425 would be great as well. cudos to ford for listening to customers and keeping the competition stiff.
  3. Looks "almost perfect". Maybe it's the OF in me; but I like the (red) Shelby's front turn-signal treatment. More like the 1970 non-Shelby Stang; outboard of the headlights and wrapping around the fender extensions to do "double duty" as the front marker lights.
    Would be interesting if they treated the taillight panel/lenses to the same styling - although maybe the 1970 recessed lenses would mess with the "aero" at the rear of the car? :shrug:
  4. Looks pretty hot to me.