Stang Net Causing My Computer To Freeze

Discussion in 'Feedback Area | Testing Zone' started by horse sence, Jul 26, 2013.

  1. for some reason stangnet freezes my computer when i click on it. i am able to open anything except stangnet,ebay,autotrader, any thing. the instant i click on stang it just stops no warning ,nothing . my computer is about 5 years old but every thing else seems to be fine.
    when it freezes i cant do anything,not even sign off. i have wiped it twice and reinstalled all my programs and still nothing.tried deleting stang net frim my favorites and reinstalling and still the same .deleted the cookies and still the same.any ideas?:shrug:

  2. What are you using for a browser? If you tell me that it's and old version of internet explorer then please shoot yourself in the face (not the foot or anything cuz we don't want anyone to get hurt). :D
  3. I E 8 ,dont wants to shoot self in face ,hurrrts :nono:may accept kick in butt though:D

  4. LOL... Download FireFox, Chrome, or at minimum, the latest version if Internet Explorer. Xenforo (the program front-end that hosts Stangnet) makes use of a lot of features and formats that are not available in IE8.

    We've countered some of that with compatibility scripts for legacy browsers but more that's added in the way of features, the further it departs from that compatibility.

    So old man... Get out there and get yourself a browser that was written in the 21st century. :D
  5. just did ,down loaded Fire Fox and stang net opened:banana: but it doesn't show pics .do i need to enable something ,beg or plead , pay or......?:rlaugh:

    oh and it has an auto spell check.going to use the crap out of that.what will they think of next :hail:
  6. Click on TOOLS, OPTIONS, then go to the CONTENT tab. Check to ensure that LOAD IMAGES AUTOMATICALLY is check boxed.
  7. did ,done, and working, cool:nice: