'Stang says "BARK!"

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  1. Well, this evening I was rolling out of the Movie Gallery(vid rental)making a right turn onto the main drag,VA Beach Blvd.(4 lanes each way)and I stepped on the gas and slammo! 'Stang belts out a healthy "BARK!" and pulls hard onto the boulevard.
    My Crown Vic used to do that all the time, just glad to see the little horse has some grunt too! :D (she'll bark 'em in reverse too!)

  2. Virginia beach, hmmmmmmmm what are you doing saturday the 10th?
  3. I'm getting ready to suggest that......
    Hey freakintiger "the kid" is heading here to go to the track with us. You should head this way too. Then you can pick up your bellhousing so I won't feel so bad about the 2 that just went on ebay for $155.:D
    By the way, did you guys see my #5 track post?? its running good now.
  4. Well Then Thursday the 8th I am gonna go to the track with 351 and whoever shows up. Sat the 10th I am going to Motorworld with littlespic from tf and some others, you are welcome at both.
  5. Can you get littlespic to head this way?

    Notched86, KoolAid4Cyl, tvinson86, and :rlaugh: belvedere383 (the guy who took time to start a thread just for me) my ego got all big.......that and when I raced him..:D

    Hey make a post in Off topic and see if there is anybody else in our general area that might want to come at the same time. We'll have a little get together.
  6. Summerduck is the track correct?

  7. I work on Saturday's usually till 5PM.

    I looked up Sumerduck, it's quite a drive for me, Virginia Motorsports Park is closer(although I have'nt been there, yet). Maybe someday I can visit yall's neck of the woods.
  8. track night is thursday its probably around a three hour drive to there. Thats not too bad. I pull the trailor 1.25 hours to get there.
  9. I am going to be in VB on the 3rd and I am going to leave to go up to Luray in the am of the 8th if you want to follow me. The Motorworld is going to be around 4 so you can still come out and meet me man.