'Stang towed home tonight.

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  1. My poor animal is at it again. Now the starter has bought the big one.
    What is the best point at which to jack up the car, the Chilton manual says put a block of wood under the oil pan and jack it up from there. I guess that's okay since it's a cast pan; any other way to do it?
  2. I use the subframe rails. Jacking up any car from the oil pan sounds scary.
  3. oil pan!?!
    I have changed the starter several times without lifting the car... but granted, it makes it easier. Espeically if you are a size 36 like me.
  4. Yeah, personally I wouldn't use the oil pan as your spot to jack the car up. Especially not with blocks of wood between the jack and the pan. I'm sure you could find a much better way, like 351wcoupe said, subframe rails will work well. Just my two cents.
  5. The oil pan? Geez, that's just askin for trouble. I always jack mine up by the center of the K-member.

    Also I'd like to know how you guys could change the starter without jacking up the car. I can barely fit my head under the car without it jacked up, much less be able to see what I'm doing to remove the starter...
  6. When your in the parking lot of your dorm with a dead starter, a scissor jack, and no jack stands, you make due without jacking it up. :eek:
    Yeah, it is a very tight fit, but if you know what you are looking for, it is easy. It is only 3 bolts, and a screw.
  7. i did mine in the crappy tire parking lot .. just drive it up on the side of a curb ... lol not the safest but it works ... hah
  8. I just push start mine, then drive him and put it on the lift :nice:
  9. i have also put in a starter without jacking up the car. just get the 2 side bolts out from up top and then reach under for the inner bolt and then i pulled it up thru the top...
  10. how man the turbos in the way. :shrug:

  11. Well the starter is in: Praise the Lord!
    I jacked her up by the sub-frame rails, like 351 said. Dimpled them a little bit with my jack(did'nt have a piece of wood)but that worked fine. Then I put in a set of plugs while everything was out.
    Thanks for the input all! :nice: