StangNet’s ‘Ultimate Mustang Bookshelf’ giveaway

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    It’s that time of year, Ford Mustang fans–when the season of thanks AND giving are upon us all. We’ve teamed up with some of our long-term partners in the Mustang realm in the past to bring you freebies and sweepstakes prizes throughout the years, and now, we’re here to let you in upon yet another!
    So what does this next one entail? One lucky sweeps winner, chosen at random from our facebook sweepstakes page entries, will get their very own “Ultimate Mustang Bookshelf” containing several featured Mustang and other muscle car titles from MotorBooks . These books are high quality, feature detailed & colorful imagery, and are sure to make nearly any Mustang or classic car fan grin for glory.
    What? No one likes “real” books anymore? Well, there can’t be anything wrong with getting nearly $300 (retail value) in books, for FREE, can there?!?!
    Keep reading to get a breakdown of just what’s involved in this awesome literary giveaway!
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