StangNet’s Project 86 Ford Mustang begins

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    It’s the New Year and it’s high-time for a new project! Obviously, my passion for Mustangs run deep. When I was sixteen, I had just returned from living overseas and had zero experience with Mustangs. I remember going for a ride in an ’86 GT with my older second cousin and my grandmother. From that point on I was enamored with Mustangs. Twenty-six years later, here we are and here is THAT CAR! — the original inspiration. I picked up the ’86 GT from my cousin last summer who has owned it since it was new, and we here at StangNet have been preparing for a healthy restoration. This car is solid and completely original, including the struts, shocks, brakes, clutch and even the Marcel fog light covers.
    She runs decent enough and currently and looks great from 20 feet, so… the StangNet crew has decided instead of breaking her completely down and going ground up restoration, we want to work it out in phases. To start, we plan to restore the interior as it is entirely worse for the wear. Once we do that, we’ll fix the brakes, get the A/C running, and just drive and enjoy this clean FOX. As time progresses, we will sort out the body, suspension, and engine.
    Once again we have partnered with Late Model Restoration and TMI Interiors to help us with the project. The interior is the famous Canyon Red and we plan to keep this car as original in form and looks as we can. Timing is everything and Late Model Restoration just released their latest master catalog which is helping greatly in securing the needed restoration parts. We found ourselves going between the catalog and their website tracking down the parts needed. Another benefit is their new video channel detailing the installation and restoring of FOX parts. We have a good bit of experience working on FOX Mustangs, much like on our BTC Project, but not being as familiar with the 4 eyed 86 GT, the Late Model Resto videos help sort out what parts are best to replace and also how to do get it done.
    We plan to keep this post updated as we progress with details, a running parts list and before and after images.
    Follow the jump for more images and the parts list!
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  2. We're stoked to be a part of another StangNet build - really looking forward to seeing this one restored back to it's former glory! I need to find a nice '83 T-top Hatch so I can relive my first car some day in the future! - Waylon