StangNet '11 5.0 Notch Project

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  1. StangNet 'Built to Cruise' Project

    For continuous updates, please check this page.

    Here I will try to post as much as I can to keep progress updated. (started April 8th)

    StangNet has officially launched our next project. After selling the GT500 project we had we knew we had to do something. We have partnered with Ford Racing and will be building out our 89 Notchback and fitting it with the new 2011 5.0 engine, which is going to be available from Ford Racing later this year. This is going to be a full on restoration with paint, graphics, interior, suspension, and sound system. We will mostly blog our updates and you can read them on the SN homepage, but I will try to keep updated flowing in this thread as well. We have already started to strip the car and are mostly in planning phase, getting together all the parts and pieces we are going to need.

    2011 5.0 Engine
    TKO500 Tranny
    New Ford Racing rear end.
    5-lug conversion - This will be detailed in the way we do it, there are so many variations and parts used, to get wheel spacing we want we will mixing and matching year model parts.
    5 Lug 03 Cobra Wheels (painted)
    Custom Stripe
    All new interior and exterior pieces we can find.
    Exhaust - This is going to be tricky. The new engine manifolds do NOT use ball socket connections, but flat flanges. There are no current 2011 parts to pull from the modify.
    Interior converted to Black Leather
    Kicker sound system
    ... and anything else we can dream up. :)



    This is going to be an awesome project. Details to come.

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  2. Looks like a new cobra motor.
  3. that looks like the new 5.0
  4. I also say new 5.0 motor.
  5. its the new 5.0 :hail2: :drool:
  6. 2011 5.0

    Sure thing! We received it today... we are stoked about starting the project.

    Lots to learn getting this thing in and running!
  7. So any details on the rest of the car?
  8. Well we have an '89 Notch we will be building.


    We plan to do the engine conversion to the 5.0 engine.

    We will be using a new TKO500 tranny, doing a 5-lug disc conversion, an interior conversion to black and a Kicker stereo setup... and new paint and wheels.

    We are also working with Griggs for a suspension setup as we need to use a tubular K-member.

    Once we hammer more specs I will post officially.


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  9. That's freaking sick. How can you get the new engine so fast?
  10. Know the right folks. ;)
  11. That engine has to cost 10k or something in that ball park.

    Maybe it was a 5 finger discount off the truck?
  12. Can't say.

    And nope, Ford's behind this project, mates. :cool:
  13. Well thats bad ass. i wish ford would take on one of my projects. :)
  14. will ford be releasing it as a crate motor? or is it something stangnet was able to swing exclusively?

    i doubt its 10k but im sure its pricey
  15. Not sure.
  16. The glassback GT500 was way cooler of a car, but this is ok. :D
  17. If a 347 crate carbed engine that produces 400hp cost 9k than i think a modular motor crate with more horse power would cost atleast 10k.
  18. Well its being mass produced for the Mustang GT so i assume it shouldn't be that much. Its no 5.0 Cammer.
  19. that was my assumption. the world may never know
  20. That is going to be one sweet ride.