StangNet '11 5.0 Notch Project

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  1. I have not read up on this since July! i just spent the last hour or so at work catching up on BTC! i cannot wait
  2. Any luck with headers so far ?
  3. BBK is designing some 1 3/4" primary long tube headers for the swap. They will be building these after SEMA week, hope to have a set here before the end of November!

    I saw your original post about the stock K-member. We took a stock K-member and had to modify the heck out of it to make it fit. On the passenger side a lot of material had to be removed. The structural integrity was compromised in our opinion. You might be able to modify it and then put some plate steel back in to add strength, not sure. You can see the attached image for where we had to modify.


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  4. COOLING -

    We have a Mishimoto aluminum radiator for the 79-93 FOX on hand for the swap and their radiator fan kit.

    We ordered some stock radiator hoses for the 2011 5.0 from Tousley Ford.

    The bottom hose is going to work perfect. The top hose is close. The top inlet on the radiator is 1 1/4" and the stock new 5.0 hose is 1 1/2". I want to find a clean solution to this, maybe an insert to take up the slack, I want to avoid cutting the stock hose then using a reducer and have to use 3 clamps to install, I really want it clean, if anyone has any ideas let me know!

    Also the 2011 Engine cover, you can get it from Ford Racing but they do not come with the location mounting grommets, I sourced these from Tousley as well.

    Grommets x 4 - BR3Z-9P686-A

    Top Hose - BR3Z-8260-B

    Bottom Hose - BR3Z-8286-B

  5. Thanks for the info Mike,

    I pulled my old post, most of the info was right there had I taken the time to view all the thread.
  6. on the inlet, why not modify it? cut it and tig on a 1 1/2 inlet?
  7. I talked to a few people and they told me that you can easily clamp down on a 1 1/2 to a 1 1/4 and have no issues. You need to use a spiral gear clamp, not the quick lock types that come on the stockers.
  8. i was thinking a worm gear clamp also ( probably same thing, different terms lol )
  9. Kinds of in a holding pattern here. Waiting on a final version of the J&M K-member which should be in this week, a Ford Racing power steering pump bracket which is to be out soon, and then BBK is currently designing the headers, so hopefully by the end of the month we will have all the parts in and can rock and roll on this thing.
  10. Cant wait to see it finished. Im going to start saving. :nice:
  11. Hey guys here are some updated pics on the headers and X pipe.


    Just wanted to make a quick update for those following along... I am sure some of you are wondering what is going on with the project and why the delay in updates. Mostly there has been a lot of background things going on. When we set out on the project we did not want to pull off a 'one off' restoration and swap. We wanted people to follow along with what we had done and feel confident that you guys could source the parts and do the swaps/restorations yourself. That is where we are, and we are glad to say that those hurdles have pretty much been cleared, but it does extend the build finish time until about the middle of February.

    What we have working for those who need the details:

    BBK has finished engineering some long tube headers and X-pipes for FOX swap. Expect to have these in our hand in early February and not sure when they will be available at the dealer level, probably late March.

    Cold Air Kit - Currently the ones we have found on the market that are specific for the 2011 models turn the bend out of the throttle body to late and are hitting the FOX radiator. BBK is going to look at making their 5.0 CAI fit the FOX swaps and their setup will allow you not to have to tune the PCM. Also you could bend your own 3.5" tubing but be known that at the MAF you need to make sure you are measuring at 3.5" diameter and you should be OK. Also look at a smaller cone filter at the end like a GT500 filter, we are hearing reports than larger conical filters are actually causing power to be lost.

    Power Steering Bracket - Ford Racing has a bracket in production and should be out soon, this will allow use of 2005 Mustang components. So you will need to source those. They hope to in the future come up with a bracket that will allow the use of BOTH A/C and P/S.

    We got word that the early FOX front sway bars are hitting the Alternator on the new 5.0 engine. We believe and so does High Flow Fuel who are doing their own 5.0 swap, that a late model SN95 sway bar and hangers will do the trick.

    We should have our final version of the J&M K-member in early next week... once we get that here we will start the install of the front suspension, brake system and fuel system, stay tuned for those updates soon... this will help us move forward on our project and something for you guys to nibble on while we wait for the BBK headers.

  13. Hi. I am starting a swap in a couple weeks installing this motor into a 69 Fastback. Ill be installing a Rod and Custom Motorsports front end, and have been talking to the parts dept at a dealership in Sidney, Australia. The Aussie Ford GT (four-door sedan) is using a supercharged 5.0 engine that still uses a power steering pump. Im trying to get pricing on the pump and brackets from them. I talked with Ford Racing today, and they are telling me Feb or March on the PS kit. Fortunately, the headers that come on the engine will fit the 67-70 Mustangs. We'll see on the long tubes.
    I love what your doing with the notch, guys. Quality work and nice documentation. If anyones interested, theres a guy over at Vintage Mustang Forums that has done a 65 fastback. Heres the link:

    66GT350H clone W/2011 Coyote 5.0 Conversion started! - Vintage Mustang Forums
  14. We have already went down the Aussie road. One thing is they say they cant sell those parts unless you own an FPV. Also you need the timing cover as it is different, this is what Ford Racing told us. Let us know if you get your hands on the parts... I think from a masses standpoint getting them will not be easy.

  15. Keep up the great work guys!!!

    I would also like to attemt this project but, have a few Q's.

    Are you going to keep the stock instrument panel, or replace it?

    If keeping the stocker, would you be posting the correct way to splice in?

    Again, Keep up the great work.
  16. We have picked these guages for our install.
    Auto Meter - Gauges

    The tach and the speedo would be easy enough. The fuel would be standard and Im not even sure if we will pull off the fuel easily with the newer gauges. The voltage and oil pressure would be the ones I would think might be tricky. Maybe not... that's beyond 'in my head' knowledge.
  17. Will have you have a wright up on it?
  18. I will try to cover what we can as we do it.