StangNet '11 5.0 Notch Project

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  1. Matt from Classic Design did it for us, he does do freelance, shoot me a PM for an email.
  2. Mike - What provision does the harness have for VSS? I'm curious, since you are using a TKO, if the computer expects to see the VSS know, how the idle stays kicked up just a hair until you come to a complete stop? I know cars with a faulty VSS signal usually have an abnormally long idle hang when coming to a stop.

    I ask because I have both a TKO 500 and a T56, and I'm trying to decide which one I want to use. The TKO would be easier because I don't have to do any fab work on the car - and I already have the correct driveshaft. If the ECU prefers to see VSS, then I might consider the T56...but then I cant get a speedometer reading to my older gauge cluster... argh.
  3. Have not thought that out but have not been warned about it either from our partners, ie; Ford.

    I've asked and let's see what comes back.
  4. Thanks for checking. Does the harness actually have a pigtail for it? That would probably be 90% of the answer right there.
  5. While I haven't studied the coyote harness from FRPP, if it is like the 3v harness it does have signal wires that are to be tapped in to a vss signal. The TKO 500 has both a gear driven speedo output & an electronic one. It would be very easy to have both a functioning speedo & a vss signal.
  6. I do not see a pigtail labeled for this. But Jonathans advice may come in to play... we plan to start the wiring this month.
  7. From the Horses Mouth.

  8. That's great information. Thanks for getting that for me.

    I think I'll end up keeping the TKO, but I admit, it shifted like crap on my 5800rpm redline 5.0... I have no doubt that it's going to need some work to even THINK about shifting behind the coyote.

    I really wanted the 6-speed but had not considered the fact that it has no speedo provision...darn.

    Mike - have you seen - they have a "process" they say helps the TKO at higher RPMs. Hanlon also says they have cf blocker rings that do it too... Not sure which one of these I'll do, but I need to look into it.

    Thanks again for the info.
  9. I set my engine back in. The alternator has plenty of clearance with the SN-95 sway bar mounting brackets installed in the fox location. Just one more problem solved.
  10. I was told using a late model swaybar will cause rack turning issues and some rack stops would need to be used as well as other issues.

    I plan to just use the MM sway bar relocation brackets and see if that will allow it to clear.
  11. I used the fox sway bar with the SN mounts. There are no turning issues. I had to cut down the end links to get the bar strait.
    Sorry for the Cell Phone Pic.

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  12. Here is a Better Picture. I will be making reinforcement plates for the Fox mount.

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  13. How much room is there between the filter and swap bar, or is that just the angle of the picture that makes it look close?

  14. Nice.
    Looks like plenty of clearance in the pic.

    I am getting more interested in the 5.0C swap now that there is a proposed Coyote racing class coming to NMRA... (maybe)

    Spec Engine Drag Racing - Coyote Stock - Yellow Bullet Forums
  15. Mike, where did you source your AC compressor? Are the compressors the same from 05-11?
  16. I have not went down the A/C road yet, that will probably be a later addition.

    I have an 03 Cobra compressor new and fitted it to the engine, it would bolt on just fine but the pulley is out of line with the crank. :/ So it's not gonna work.

    The 05-11 Compressor is what you will need.
  17. What are your thoughts on a manual master cylinder?
  18. You could run Manual brakes, but I really wanted to give this car the modern feel and easy cruisin, and some power brakes and power steering are a must.

    We have the booster installed and are waiting on the power steering pump and bracket from KRC then we can plumb all the lines for the Hydraboost and the rack.
  19. Any Updates?
  20. I saw one installed in a 95. Looks nice. Car goes to limp mode though if he gives it a little throttle over 3k rpm. Not sure what the problem is yet.