StangNet '11 5.0 Notch Project

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  1. Should have some good updates at the end of next week. The brake system is done, the fuel system almost done.

    We are still waiting on Headers still and once we have those its wide open!
  2. Annnnnd, far beyond next week! Details!!
  3. I know I know! :)

    I will post this week, it has been hectic around here and have not had sit down time to make notes but it will be soon.

    If we get the headers in soon it will really get crazy. We plan to have the car done by the end of April, that is the plan anway.

    TMI leather interior is on its way!
  4. What about the KRC power steering pump and bracket? Did you ever receive them?
  5. I talked with them today. They have a water pump and pump bracket ready to go, but they do not have their new pump yet for the setup. I was told middle to late April. sigh.

    I hope the timing works out, we have to be finished by the end of April.
  6. Any good pics of the new grill with the hood closed?
  7. The hood is currently off due to the build, but here is a shot before paint...

  8. Nice work on the brake and clutch petals. I did the exact same thing to mine when the Bullitt petals came out (except I modified them in the car!). Lots of work, but worth the effort.
  9. Well done!
  10. Cant wait to see more !:)
  11. Pictures do not due this project justice. It is awesome in person.
  12. Did that tapping eventually go away? Sounds pretty loud at first and seems like it quieted down but it was still there.
  13. The motor calmed down after initial crank. Right now there is no exhaust, just cats with the X pipe and long tubes.
  14. The entire wiring harness has been scrapped from the car excluding the rear tail light pigtails and front light pig tails. We have installed the ISIS power management system. Some exciting things we are going to be able to do with this system for sure. Details to come.


    BTC Update: ISIS Power management installed - StangNet' Built to Cruise

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