StangNet '11 5.0 Notch Project

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  1. Tell me more about the bracket for the throttle pedal!
  2. I designed the pedal to place the new 2011 pedal in about the best and only position. I plan to have these produced for people doing the conversions as well as could be used in any vertical firewall application. This pedal is not designed to be mounted on a vertical surface.

    What are you putting your engine in? Is the factory pedal mount stud locations in the exact same place as the FOX pedal? I have one left from the first batch I could sell you if you need it.

  3. I'd be interested in a bracket when you make them, although I do like a challenge and was looking forward to giving it a try ;)
  4. Man are we so close! The only thing really left is to get the power steering sorted out and I don't want to bother with details but it has been a pain. Solutions are in the works so hopefully have her on the street in less than 2 weeks.

    I pretty much buttoned up the interior today.


    Swaybar remains an issue but will not prevent us from driving BTC. The location of the alternator on the new 5.0 is just in the way... period! I heard today some think it will also hit the power steering pump if you use the Ford Racing bracket (which you cannot get now as its been pulled for updates). We are working with J&M and will probably have to design a swaybar for these swaps.

    Hop on over to for some more pics and updates.
  5. Got the exhaust buttoned up today.


    BBK 5.0 Fox Swap Longtube Headers
    BBK 5.0 Fox Swap X-pipe w/Cats
    Magnaflow MagnaPak Mustang Exhaust (A 15677 w/ 15630 Hangers)
    MRT Black Chrome 18" Exhaust Tips

    Simple video of the exhaust in the shop. Man I am dying to drive this thing! Alas power steering/brakes still waits.

    BTC Update: Magnaflow MagnaPak Exhaust - StangNet' Built to Cruise
  6. Sounds pretty awesome!
  7. Beautiful Awesome looking car!!!

    You need to bring it to the Summernites cruise in somerset KY. August is Mustang month. Should be several 100 mustangs there.

    Somernites Cruise - Home
  8. Pictures really don't do this car justice. Once you see it in person, you gain a whole new appreciation for it!
  9. Got any pic of the power steering set up?
  10. We ended up designing our own, as there were not any real options we liked. We plan to switch to the KRC setup in late August to allow for A/C but this bracket works nicely in the A/C location. We will probably produce these with a production run soon for those that are interested.

    The Alternator is still in the way of the swaybar and this pump location will also interfere in early FOX's, so we are working with J&M on a blade type swaybar.



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  11. I want to see this car at the Texas Mile in October!
  12. That fox is one beautiful car to say the least... We are going to be putting a 5.0 in my 96 GT vert and this thread will be very helpful!
  13. Any update on this write-up? I'm very interested in the kit and would love to see some sort of walkthrough/overview about the whole setup.
  14. Yes I need to do this! The summer got hectic and HOT so I have not progressed on the details like I would have liked.

    I plan soon to do much more documenting.

  15. Thanks Mike. No rush, I'm just very intrigued by the kit/your install.

    I might shelf my 363 plans for another project and go with the Coyote on my next car, thanks for keeping up on the thread.

    One question: aside from the bolt/mounting hole massaging, the only thing you had to do in order to mate the hydroboost to fox pedals was raise the connecting pin 1" center on center?