StangNet '11 5.0 Notch Project

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  1. looks like a fun project, what are you doing about motor mounts, is there something out there or is it going to be all custom?
  2. Wasn't the 3v about $,500-$7,000? So I can imagine awhole lot more. Maybe $8,000.
  3. Who spends 9k for a 400hp 347? That's a ripoff.
  4. thats why ive never liked crate motors (with a few exceptions). For the same money or less, you can build a motor that would destroy the crate motor. I guess the warranty is appealing
  5. For 9k it better come with a baggy of crack and a pipe.
  6. Here is the exterior view of what we have planned.

    Motor Mounts - The new engine has the same locations as the older 4.6s. We are using a Griggs k-member to mount the engine and their kit will come with the Fox K member with the modular locations and the kit inlcudes the mounts we will need. What we do not know yet is height clearance, we are hoping to keep the stock hood if we can.

    Current Mod List -

    2011 5.0 Engine
    Griggs K-Member and various other components
    TKO500 Tranny
    New Ford Racing rear end.
    5-lug conversion - This will be detailed in the way we do it, there are so many variations and parts used, to get wheel spacing we want we will mixing and matching year model parts.
    5 Lug 03 Cobra Wheels (painted)
    Custom Stripe
    All new interior and exterior pieces we can find.
    Exhaust - This is going to be tricky. The new engine manifolds do NOT use ball socket connections, but flat flanges. There are no current 2011 parts to pull from the modify.
    Interior converted to Black Leather
    Kicker sound system
    Probably smoked front headlights.


    Suggestions are welcome. As stated, we are still planning the entire process and once all features are decided, we will document clearly, including all parts needed/found to convert a FOX to the new 5.0.


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  7. Sick project! I knew it would be a matter of time before someone dropped a coyote in a notch, but I didnt know it would happen before 5.0s even hit the streets! :banana:
  8. The cammer is a peice of..... well doodoo! And yes I have personal experience, DAILY!
  9. I think you should do an 05+ stang dash swap. Never seen it done, would love to do one. Add it to the 01 dash swap in my 93.

    I think I am going to go to the Local ford dealer and get some measurements....
  10. That rendition is sick. I would drive/own that car with no complaints, but for some reason that 5.0 on the hood looks out of place. A possible suggestion would be to remove the 5.0 and put a floating running horse in the grille. But again... sick... can't wait to see some real pics.
  11. Oh wow.. this is going to be baddd ass!!!! :nice::nice::nice::nice:
  12. I like the stripe better without the 5.0 on it.
  13. I think the whole point of the 5.0 is to kinda advertise the new 5.0 maybe? Probably a marketing thing maybe??

    I was wondering who would be the first to put a new 5.0 in an old 5.0. Can't say the idea hasn't crossed my mind. Since this engine will be mass produced in the new Mustang and possibly other Ford models, i'd imagine it might be fairly easy to pick one up 3-5 years from now. I'd love to do a 5.0 swap in my 5.0 down the road. Right's just too expensive
  14. I'm sure your right, but it just looks out of place where it is to me.
  15. Looks awesome, would be a powerful, yet reliable and efficient little notch! Ide like to know how much is involved in swappin the motor and makin it run, would be an interesting swap in the future!
  16. I thought I read that it has all the same dimensions and mounting locations (trans included) as the current 4.6.
  17. +1

    I actually love the whole concept. 5.0 in the stripes and all :nice::nice:
  18. Thanks for the replies.

    The 5.0 in the stripe is still in debate. It would not be as large as pictured here and actually we would use the actual new 5.0 font on the new 2011.

    We are currently in the process of pulling the original motor. Once the motor is out Im gonna try to clean up the engine bay a bit, all the holes in the firewall and strut walls are nuts!

    I think one of the most time consuming part of this project will be a matter ofw what original wiring to keep and where those wires are in the harnesses. Under the engine bay I think really all we need is the lighting wires and the wiper motor. The rest will probably not be needed. We will see.

    I plan to update progress on the car continually. I'll sort out how best to keep all you guys updated.

  19. I kind of like the little stripes red and blue. That should be a stellar fox when it is done.