StangNet '11 5.0 Notch Project

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  1. thats going to be a bad azz ride! i love the stripes with the 5.0 in it. can't wait to read the build write up on this one.
  2. Amazing this is a great progress and hopefully this will help others preform the swap in the future. The 5.0 in the stripe I don't think flows well with the stripe. What about using the new 5.0 badges in place of the old ones?
  3. yes we plan to use the new 5.0 badges if we can get our hands on them for sure.

    Stay tuned!
  4. Just got word that Ford Racing will be offering the new 5.0 as a crate engine. The part # is M-6007-M5L and will retail for $6,999. A Control Pak and power steering pump and bracket will be available as well.

    We will document this swap as best we can for everyone for those who end up wanting to do the same.
  5. For what you get....that's cheap!
  6. leave the 5.0 on the stripes...just make it a little smaller...smoked headlights and tinted tails for sure...also is that a bumper that is currently on the market or something you are going to have custom made...i like the way the grille opening is smoothed out nicely.
  7. We hope to keep the 5.0 in there, size will be determined by real life look and will use the new 5.0 font.

    That front bumper cover is a rendering, we plan to modify a new regular LX bumper cover to give that look. I feel it cleans up the car a lot!

  8. This car is going to be awesome! Can't wait to start seeing real pics of it.
  9. im keeping a close eye on this one...
  10. Subscribed! Badass build!!
  11. As far as brakes are concerned I would like to throw my vote in for the Griggs 4 on 4 system. Since you are going with Griggs suspension components maybe they will make you a package deal. Ok I really want you to do this and tell me how well they work as I am thinking about them for my 91 GT vert.
  12. I'm curious to see how the vacuum brake booster and power steering is handled.

    The new stang uses electric steering and went back to a vacuum booster. I doubt the new 5.0 will fit in a fox bay with a vacuum booster...esp a SN95 booster, so I am curious to see how this will be handled.

    manual steering and brakes is one way, but what about guys who want to keep them? Can a 4.6L hydroboost setup be retrofitted?
  13. Isn't the cammer engine different than the new 5.0 going in the gt's
  14. that is not the new 5.0 thats going into the GT's.. Thats the 5.0 cammer race engine.

    Correct :)
  15. keep it up. I feel like i'm living vicariously through the Stangnet pocketbook! What about the interior? I am excited to see the dash setup. I am currently running all stock except for the MSI netbook tucked behind the dash for all the monitoring any tunner would cream for. Especially with all the new wires in that loom to hit the ecu.
    The stance on this project is real nice, i personally don't think the 5.0 on the stripe is needed especially if all the badges are correct and shiny.:hail2:
  16. So any progress updates? What have you done so far? When do you think the completion date will be? I can't wait!
  17. Update:

    We got the old 5.0 engine out yesterday. We were waiting on some parts before moving forward.


    The Griggs front suspension kit is here including the Fox K-member with modular motor mounts. The next step is to put the new 5.0 engine in and check for clearances.

    How much room do we have for/a the brake booster?
    Will the stock hood work with this new motor?
    Where do the stock headers on the new 5.0 end up at the firewall?

    One of the many issues we have to consider is there are NO headers, exhaust parts etc for this car. We can't even get our hands on the stock 2011 x-pipe to play or modify that. The heads are completely different from the 4.6L (manifold bolt locations), so using some kind of setup from earlier mod swaps is not going to work. However, motor mount locations are the same.

    Once we get the engine in, we will post our findings and solutions and may ask for solutions!


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  18. Sounds like youre going to have to use stock manifolds, and fab up your own xpipe (universal x modified would work I would think)

    good luck! Keep us updated