StangNet '11 5.0 Notch Project

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  1. this is pretty bombb
  2. Awesome! Mike, you want me to come haul off the old 5.0?
  3. I'd buy it if you werent in AL... dang it!
  4. I wouldn't mind driving down to AL for a nice solid motor, mines getting a little old anyways!
  5. If you'll make the drive go for it! I'd like a more local one to pick up and start building
  6. Got the motor fitted today just to see what new struggles will present themselves. Clearance looks fine for the engine itself, even sitting low like it is with the Griggs setup.


    Don't mind the wire mess, that all gets taken care of, as I get to figure out which ones I can snip and which ones I should have not snipped. heh

    Working through the exhaust options (new engine means diff flanges, bolt locations, etc). Kooks has a set for the 2011 they made up and we may try to see where those line up in the car. IF those do not work then we will ship the car to Kooks, have some headers developed to fit the FOX up to 04 and hope to mate to a stock type H or X pipe. Fun will be putting in a 96-04 K member just for fitment, this way all aftermarket k-members should work and the setup work from 79-04. Wanna make sure it works across all types of K-members, not just one brand.

    Hydra boost is being sorted out. Have a new booster on the way to us from an 03 Cobra. Looking at the Flaming River new power steering racks and Ford Racing is currently developing a power steering pump bracket for the new engine, the factory setup as electric power steering, so one has to be developed.

    We are also waiting on the new Control Pak from Ford Racing, this will be how we control the engine and make for easy engine management. The only power concerns in the current wiring harness are lights, brake lights, dash, stereo, blower motors etc... the rest can be hidden or removed.

    Well just wanted to post a quick update. Being the 'experiment' has quite the challenges! :p


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  7. that is a beautiful picture! lol
  8. Awesome. So I'll expect to see it at Myrtle Beach?:D
  9. that is somethin gorgeous. figured it would happen pretty quick
  10. this is awesome cant wait to see how it comes out! id leave the 50 but make it like a ghost image think that would look sick!
  11. Why not cut/weld up a set of long tubes using stainless stick pipe and elbows?
  12. We want to test fit headers that will work for everyone, doing a one off works, but then we can't work out 'solutions' for the good of the community.

    Kooks Headers have some designed they built for some race cars, we are going to do a test fit with those. If they fit and clear the tunnel and bellhousing, great! If not, we will send the car to Kooks and they will design a set. We plan to use a 96+ stock K-member, this will give us a great base line so we can build in clearances and the Headers would/should fit on any 79-04.

  13. Well then carry on my friend :flag:

    So this could become an option for say, a 2002 GT? :shrug:
  14. Would be a very easy conversion... my only thought is I am not sure if a 2002 GT has a return-less fuel system or not. We are still waiting on the Control Pak from Ford Racing. This makes for easy management. BUT the older ones were for a return fuel system... will have to see.

    But besides the aforementioned above, the swap would be very easy. Swap in the motor, wire of the Ford Racing power pak, get the fuel delivery right and rock and roll! I imagine around 8k for both the engine and control pak then labor.
  15. I find this a very interesting project and will be waiting for all your input.
    Can I get the width (Valve cover to cover) on this engine from you?
    I am interested in the width for a swap project I am working on.
    Does the crate motor come with the headers? Thanks!
  16. Awesome build, good luck hope to it see done soon, now i need a notch...
  17. I plan on doing this to my 91.. so keep this thread alive with pics and descriptions puleease!

  18. Best we can measure, from widest point at the heads and covers, looks to be right at 28" wide.

    It came with factory manifolds, which will not work in a FOX because the exits of the manifolds turn and face into the FOX firewall. We will be shipping the car up to Kooks Headers and they plan to develop a set of headers to be used in the swap.