StangNet '11 5.0 Notch Project

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  1. Are you be able to buy that front bumper?
  2. We are trying to see if having an 'insert' is doable for mass production for those who are wanting it.
  3. this is amazing. Gives me options on what i want to do to mine in the far distant future.

    I have to agree about the new style dash in the car as well. I think the new dash, new engine, smoked headlights and tinted LX tails.

    Have you decided on what color white you are going to use? If not, I say the Lexus white, or the Cadillac white. Both are pearls and both would look absolutely amazing on this car.

    I think that the delete panel for the front bumper would be a huge seller. I know that is the one thing I do not like about the LX bumper.

    Can't wait to see what this little thing looks like
  4. The color plan is to use 2010 Sterling Gray from Ford. The spray with a matte clear instead of gloss, giving it the hot rodders 'suede' look. Should make the car look like smooth sheet metal. Will have to see how that works out.


    What has bugged me the most was what to do with the body moldings on this damn thing. To paint SIMS Trim Black or go with body color. Im afraid body color will be to 'funky' looking with the Sterling gray, and the black might look good or look goofy. Confused on that one.

    Im trying to tell CDC they need to make a front grill delete kit for LX bumper covers. I know Cervinis makes an insert, buts heavy on the edges side so its not really a 'delete'.

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  5. i say paint them the body color. worst case you can just sand them and spray them back to black. be more work to do it the other way.

  6. I thought the Cervini's one was for the GT? I know that I just bought the GT/Cobra bumper insert, but i didnt even know they made one for the LX.

    Where are you guys at on the build?
  7. I went and looked at some silver paint jobs, I do think making the body trim body color is the way to go, and like you say easy to make black later.

    You are right, it's only for the GT's... here is hoping that CDC can make a production part.

    We are ready to bolt on a temporary suspension and send it over to paint. Should take about a month to get the paint done then we will assemble as much as we can... we are still waiting on the control pak from Ford Racing so that dictates completion. :/

    Latest info always here...
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  8. Classic Design Concepts is about done with the new insert for the front bumper cover.


    Our initial rendering for the project showed the front upper grill being open, thus eliminating the 'pony' bar and Ford logo from the center. We got with CDC and asked them if they think they could actually make it happen. They got to work, and during the design, we kept getting a lot of requests for 'where?' and 'how?' do I get that bumper cover. We told CDC they need to design this and make it available for all.

    Well it looks like it WILL be available. It will be an insert, so you just remove the middle bar and install this new insert. So far we like what we are seeing. The only thing we know that will need to be done to complete the 'look' is to remove the back support structure (get it out of the way) so that you have a clean view from the new opening all the way to radiator.

    Should look slick!

  9. Sweet!! I cant wait to see it all done.:nice:
  10. WOW i have always wanted to remove the middle bar of my LX front bumper but i didnt want to have to bondo it all up and such as it would never look right to me. I was close to purchasing a cobra insert but i'll wait for this!!!
  11. The front bumper modification is complete.


    You can check more pics here... seriously thinking about blacking it out instead of using body color. Would look like a Mach1 Grill delete.

    BTC Update: Final look of LX Grille Bar Eliminator from CDC - StangNet' Built to Cruise

    Some of the rear support structure is going to need to be removed to clean up the look.

    The question is should maybe a Running Pony be used to hide the hood latch release device, or just pull that out and run hood pins.

  12. definitly the running pony.
  13. CAN'T WAIT TO GET THIS FOR MY LX!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
  14. couldn't you run some black mesh behind and hide the hood latch that way? I know it would still be somewhat visable, but if you black out everything, i just think it would look really clean without the running pony.
  15. I'm gonna try our best to not run a pony, etc.

    The issue is the shiny aluminum radiator that is going to show through and highlight the insides, like the hood latch mechanism. We will just have to see how it all goes together once we get that car back from paint.
  16. I think it would look best without anything showing. You could always paint the radiator black if it stands out too bad.
  17. Keep up the good work - it will be interesting to see how this thing turns out!:Track:
  18. any idea when CDC will start selling the grill delete for LX mustangs? :)