StangNet '11 5.0 Notch Project

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  1. I like it! Looks like my 86 front.
  2. Anything from Kooks about headers?
  3. Ya, that's a tricky situation. Kooks has sent me their mid-length headers for the S197 but I cannot see them clearing the firewall but they want me to test.

    The heads on this new 5.0 are different, bolt pattern, etc.

    What I think is ideal is to have someone that has a jig for 4.6L headers, to fix it so they could weld on a 5.0 flange and make the necessary adjustments to make it work.

    That would allow us to use any X-pipe or H-pipe from any company and any aftermarket type exhaust.

    I'm trying hard, I have talked to several companies, nobody has budged yet and I think it's a market that they should be in.

    Ford Racing is getting tons of orders on the new engine and swap parts, so having a set of headers in stock and ready to ship is a winner for whomever will pull it off!

  4. I knew there was a reason I stopped by good ole stangnet tonight.
  5. Dang, look what the Cat dragged out!
  6. I stop by and read once in a while Mike. Seeing this gave me a whole bunch of new ideas for the notch. Keep up the good work. Wondering how that new 5.0 would do with some turbo boost.....
  7. Good point Mike!
    I had wondered how hard it would be to cut the 4.6 flanges off a set of headers and fab up some 5.0 Coyote flange plates ? ( not sure anyone makes the flange plates yet tho)
    Of course there are these questions:

    Is the exhuast port departure angle different from the 4.6 ??
    Bore spacing same or different from 4.6 ??
    The distance from the center of exhaust port to crankshaft center line ??

    I also agree, the first header co. out there that gets the Fox Coyote swap headers out will be the big winner.

    Do you have any pics showing where the k-member hit the 5.0 Coyote ?? Could a person add 1.5 inch k-frame spacers to rectify that problem ? (just for drag racing purposes)
  8. I want to contact the company that made the 3v conversion plates and see if they have interest in making some for the new 5.0. I think the economy is playing a roll here... I am shocked that no companies Ive talked to seem eager or interested in making some headers for this conversion.

    Moving the engine up is not going to help. There is a new 'half moon' shape in the original 4.6 pan curve, which is forward of the front original location. Check the picture about how much metal I had to remove. I removed metal about 5 times to just get to see how far it went and it just didnt stop. Even the rack was touching the top (bottom) of the oil pan. That may have been safe once the motor was angled back when attached to the tranny.


    J&M has built us a K-member and will know next week how we look.

    See image for the metal that had to come out of a late model 4.6 K-member.

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  9. Check this image out. Here you can see RED where a normal 4.6 pan shape is. The yellow shows you the new 5.0 shape. Its funny that this is only on this one side. The curve and bulk only comes across about 2/3 of the way. I have no idea if you could modify the pan, but I imagine that there is something in there that needs to be there. ;)


    The Griggs K-member was not even close. The bottom of the pan was all over the cross bar and needed the engine to be sitting over 1" higher to even put the rack on. If you raised the engine on thh Griggs 1 inch, you might clear the Rack but then the bottom of the pan is still hitting the bar. They would have to move the crossbar down (messing with bump steer) and forward to work, or move the motor up then back. That tells you how different the dims are on this pan. I do not think anyones current design aftermarket k-member is gonna work.


    I'll have a new K-member and the car back from paint next week. It's time to see what we got!

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  10. Good stuff, boss!
  11. Mike on the Header issue - why not try to find a local small shop who would be willing to weld up a set of headers. Then those header dimensions can be sent off for mass production? A few guys in the 5.0 talk section (im sure others as well) have custom built headers for their projects i don't see why they couldn't be of some help?
  12. I don't think the header issue is complicated. It's finding the company that wants to produce them. I have the stock headers here.

    Why not take a set of 4.6 Fox headers you already make and then take the stock headers (or get the math from Ford Racing, which I know they have) and flange it up, modify a JIG and make a set of headers and then we can test fit for them, then they can produce. Just have not found anyone wanting to play yet. :/

  13. I would be willing to bet brian from B&G turbo would weld up a set of headers.
  14. Good info for sure!
    After looking at the pics, I see what you are saying about a special Fox body k-member will be needed.

    When I put a 460 in my 87 Turbo Coupe I shoved it all the way back in the car. (with custom mounts)
    I don't think I could move that 5.0 back far enough to clear that hump in the pan.

    I am glad you are showing all of the pics because I was about to order one of those crate engines.
  15. I'll have pics of a new K-member next week and show how we fit in there. ;)
  16. Sounds good.

    Have you tried offset rack bushings ?
    I used those on my 460 swap to set the engine down even more.
  17. Well the K's we tried would not clear the oil pan. Could probably get some clearance with offsets for the rack but doesnt solve the pan hitting the K.

    The K-member we are getting should remedy all the current issues. Wanna test fit first then fill in the details. ;)
  18. She's painted!! Notice the 'suede' or 'flat' look we went for. Some of the haze u see is the clear still drying. Next week we will start bolting on parts and putting the engine in!


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  19. bastages, i wanted to do my car satin gunmetal :(

    Looks tits though, why the color change? Though the sketch was different?
  20. The rendering picture was always lighter than the plan.

    Paint code: ford 2010 sterling gray metallic. UJ

    Same color u see in the 2011 V6 commercial on tv. We have black 03 cobra wheels to boot. Its almost like Ford took our plans. ;)