StangNet '11 5.0 Notch Project

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by MRaburn, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. Oh my, that looks good!
  2. chills seeing a new 5.0 under the hood.
  3. Any word on the headers?
  4. No word on headers, no company seems to want to jump on this train, they better watch out because they are about to miss it and whomever does produce them will have a good market hold.

    Talking to Matt @HighFlow who is doing this swap as well and he may have a source for some headers.

  5. mike did you contact brian at b&g turbo?

  6. just chills? it wrong to get wood?
  7. Any updates??
  8. We are just working through some of the mundane restoration stuff putting parts back on the car.

    BBK has agreed to design some headers for a 5.0 swap and figure it will be around December before they are ready.

    Starting next week we will be working through the fuel and brake setup and will be updating you guys on that.

  9. That is good news! When do we get some vids? =)
  10. I could make some vids I reckon, what would you guys be wanting to see?
  11. There's nothing mundane about restoring a fox. LOL!:rlaugh:
  12. I guess I am the only one? Definitely, when it is running but also a walk around and different angles of the motor sitting in there.

    I think you will be making BBK a lot of money later, when this engine goes down in price, I see a lot of these swaps.

    Thanks, Scott
  13. Scott, you think this engine will go down in price? I'm not trying to start an argument, it would be nice if it went down in price. I just doubt it will go down in price. Just wandering what makes you think it will go down in price.

  14. I think it would be a good 5 years before the price of the motor dropped. Maybe 3 if we are lucky.
  15. Agreed. I wasn't thinking in a month or so but I remember when no one was doing any mod motor swaps and they were very expensive and now you see it pretty often, you can even get a SC cobra motor with the harness at a good deal if you look around. You are probably right on the time frame.
  16. Yup i've been looking for a 03-04 motor for my 89 coupe, i'm in no hurry so im looking for the best deal.

    This project has me excited!! I want to see her done! Hurry up lol.
  17. We are plugging away. We have been doing the restoration part of the build. We will soon post images of all the nice 'clean and new' parts we have been installing.

    I know everyone is stoked to see the powerplant running, but we are waiting on a few things to fall in to place.

    Current issues:

    1. Headers - BBK has jumped in to the program head first. They are working with us & High Flow Fuel and their swap and will be building some 1 3/4" headers to fit in the Fox. We expect some time in late November these will be ready for us to install in BTC.

    2. Power Steering - The current 2011 GT does not come with power steering. This engine is not setup for a pump. Ford Racing is working to provide a power steering pump bracket for the 5.0 so it can be used in older applications.

    3. Today we learned that there may be a clearance issue with the alternator and the FOX swaybar. We will have to work through these details as well and provide for an option for users who want to do the swap as well.

    We have been taking our time to make sure we find solutions for the swap that would/will be readily available for the community. One offs are fine, but if we do this right and get all the parts in the pipeline, then anyone will be able to do these swaps.

    We hope to have this bad boy running in early December.

    We finally got all the paint work (trim and engine bay areas) done so we can move forward on the build. We will soon be posting all the cool resto parts we got from Late Model Restoration and CJ Pony Parts, plus the 5-lug conversion setup and our brake upgrade.

    Stay tuned!!

  18. Mike,what are your thoughts on the fuel pedal?
  19. I've been told by a few that the pedal is not hard to do. Ford Racing thought about making a bracket but engineers there figured it would not sell well since it was easy to do, once we tackle that we will get a good feel for how easy it is or not.

  20. This is so freaking cool, will be awesome when you get to turn the key on it