Stangnet 94/95 Member of the Year AWARD!!

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by 94GTLaserRC, Dec 20, 2003.

  1. This is really kinda a :bs: thread, but I thought it would be different. This is by no means an official title, but I think we should recognize a couple people if this forum for either achievements, accomplishments, generousity, or helpfulness.

    Over the next week or so, try to give 2 or 3 names of people in this forum that you would like to recognize for one or more of the above reasons. Between Xmas and New Years, I will see if I can scan through here and take the top 10 names and have a voting for the Non-Official Title of "Stangnet 94/95 Member of the Year" :banana:

    My 3 names are (with reasons-no particular order):

    1. VibrantRedGT (Joe)...He has helped a lot of guys on here with his knowledge, and locally, is the first to come buy and help you do or do himself work on your car, all for a couple of Heinekens and a Thank You! :cheers:

    2. KillerCanary (Paul) .. For the kind of track car he has made out of <300RWHP, and continously improving his 1/4 times..This gives our cars a BIG BOOST in the "capability" area..Nice Job :nice:

    3. Oink (Mike) .. Not a whole lot to say that hasnt already been said. Physical challenges aside....look at the machine he has been putting together..Most of us have seen the progress on his Turbo setup.. Kinda wanna wait to see if he gets it running before voting, but I think we ALL know that there is NO DOUBT that car will be running REAL soon. GOOD WORK :hail2:

    Thanks to all the guys on here that have helped me in some way!
  2. I would vote for: (In no particular order.)
    94GTLaserRC - Always there to help w/ a question, and provide some personality.

    Killercanary - Not only does his car make my pants smaller, he is ALWAYS on the ball offering help and advice to those who need it.
  3. Killer and RC stand out to me...but there's so many other people on here that don't post as much who contribute equally and who's names might not be as well known. It's hard to say.
  4. I'm going to vote for Oink. He's my main source to get information from because I talk to him about every day and is a lot faster than the responces on stangnet. He has also helped me out many times with my car over the past year from putting new parts on, cleaning it up a little, to letting me borrow his BFG DR's to go out to the track. Thanks for all the help Mike :nice:
  5. That is the same reason I put Vib on one of the choices. I can almost call him "crying" and he's like "dont worry dude, we'll get it fixed", like it's his own car.

    BTW...Roger and Bugga(whenever I can contact him :rlaugh: ) are always around to help me also.

    Thanks for the replies!
  6. I gotta give my vote to Killer. He is ALWAYS willing to answer all of my stupid questions, and is always real friendly. Thanks for all the help Paul, and everyone else, too!
  7. Killer, Oink, and RC. They all stand out to me.

    Edit. And Vib.
  8. I would say a three way tie. All have been very helpful to me.
  9. Killer, Oink, and RC. They all stand out to me.

    Edit. And Vib.

    I second that..........................And Rio too.......................... :flag:
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  11. based on acomplishments can you deny Paul(killercanary) the vote there??....i mean just look at his times......Joe(Vib) has got to be there anyone who has helped out more people with problems on this board??....RC is the shhhizite ( :bang: ) nobody provides more personality around here and is rather helpful, and when he doesnt know an answer always can find it for you.....and personally im gonna throw in RIO for sure....i remember doing my manifold install i had tons of questions and it seemed like every time i posted a question he was the first to respond with not only an answer to my question but also a few words of encouragement as if he knew the exact feelings of discouragement going through my my list is NOTE: IN NO SPECIFIC ORDER!!


  12. same here
  13. I don't post much on here but do a lot of lurking. I would say the most popular/informative/helpful would be Vib, oink, rio, rc, and killer. Most everyone on here is very helpful when they can. So difficult to put one name as the "top dog" as it seems that everyone here gets along so well and doesn't depend on one person inparticular.. What a great bunch of guys!
  14. Yeah Im gonna have to say RIO as well, he's been very helpfull with info on the thumper and tmoss explorar intake combo.

    Poll, start a poll, any make It so we can vote on more than one thing at a time.
  15. I'm going to say Thumper.... :rlaugh:.

    Just kidding. I actually don't have any problems, thanks to my Dad. However, for those people who aren't as lucky, RIO, Killer, Vib, RC, and Oink have all been very helpful to everyone else.

  16. Yeah is has to be an **Official 94/95 Member of the Year Thread**
  17. I WILL make it a poll sometime next week. I need to give EVERYONE a chance to read it. This is the "nomination" Thread. IF I made a poll from the start, the choices would only be who I wanted, not all you guys.

    ALSO, why should I make it where you can choose more than one?

  18. 94GTLaserRC gets top votes for official "New Thread Maker of the Year"! j/k dude :lol:

    Stangnet's great.. I actually browsed the forum months before ever getting my 94. Finally registered, start with bolt ons, have some problems, ect, and find an awsome group of really helpfull folks to guide me through.
    Ive learned evertything i know either from this forum, other internet sources, or from hands on experience.

    Thanks to everyone who helps me, or who may have helped me in the past! :nice:
  19. what was that, a premature acceptance speach?
  20. maybe just accepting his nomination :nice: