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Calendar Idea

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  1. Suggestion has come up and I thought this would be a great idea if we have our own calendar of OUR rides, or at least some of them, 12 to be exact and one calendar for every section if we have enough people to do this

    Who’s up for it? Please vote and try to get everyone in on it, I also would like to know who would also like to buy them

    12 cars for 12 months, collect sn's member car pictures and conduct a poll later and see who's cars would be picked

    The whole thing is not fully planned out because it's still in progress

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    ps: there is no Talk section so I placed it here
  2. Why not? It's not too often you seem them in "conventional" Ford calenders you get from garages and such. I've seen a few here and there, but it's usually it looks like the photogragher didn't even want to be there
  3. I'm all for a members calender, and there a quite az few nice II's here, but you probably would have got a better response by poting this in the discussion side rather than here in parts.
  4. I am in . What do I need to do to help?
  5. So whatever happened to the stangnet calendar? Any news yet?
  6. i would be interested. sorry a little
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