is 10 years old this month!

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  1. That's right! For over 10 years, StangNet has been serving up the most relevant and pure enthusiast content involving the legendary Ford Mustang.

    Post up and let us know how StangNet has impacted your passion for the car, the hobby, the people, or anything else related to the Ford Mustang! :nice:
  2. Man I remember when it started, the old look, the ICQ chats some of us used to have good times, sucks I had been away for a long time but it was great to comeback and call stangnet home again!

    What happened to project tang? I loved that car.
  3. Stangnet has always been an awesome resource for provoking me to spend more and more $$$ on my car...gee thanks, Stangnet (j/k) :p ! No, really, the members of Stangnet have always provided the information and technical know-how to keep me coming back. Happy birthday, Stangnet! :SNSign:
  4. Thank you for the infinite wisdom of the contributing members!
  5. I've been to a ton of Mustang Forums around the net over the years, but I've never stopped coming to Stangnet. In fact, Stangnet is the one I've been on the longest, other forums have come and gone for me but I always end up at Stangnet. Now I don't even bother with other forums. I'm on here every day.
  6. Everything that had been done to my stock AOD'd Fox body to get her into the 13's was learned on SN! Thanks for the great site. :flag:
  7. I have been here a long years, actually...and although I stay quiet never make a big splash or gain notariaty with funny or epic threads, I am forever grateful for everything that I have learned on Stangnet. I was just 17 in 2001 when I signed up and when I think back to 1999 when I got my first car (85 GT) and I tried doing things to it without really any knowledge, I realize just how much this forum has taught me. A lot of my friends come to me now with questions about their cars, and most of it was learned right here.

  8. I find myself in the same boat as you! Always keep coming back!
  9. I love stangnet..nothing but good things come out of it :nice:..
  10. Stangnet is by far the best. I have met some good friends and I always have great laughs on here. The people have taught me alot about the cars and other off the wall stuff.
    If it wernt for this site I prolly wouldnt own a Terminator right now :nice:
  11. I don't even have a Mustang anymore but I still come here :p

    Funny to think about though- on the internet, people and websites seem to come and go so quickly. Yet Stangnet's been here 10 years and so have I.
  12. All of my knowledge about stangs has come from this forum! This vast repository of information on pretty much every stang has not only given me knowledge about what is a passion we share, but also the ability to network and make friends with people who contribute to the forum. New comers as well as veterans of the forum can both benefit from this constantly growing community.

    I still remember when I first got my stang and was a newb here posting what exhaust system combo is best. It seemd like yesterday but in reality was almost 5 years ago!

    Let's shoot for another 10 years SN!
  13. I signed up right after I bought my Mustang. Everything I have done was based on the insight on this forum. I also like to think I have helped out along the way.
  14. without this site my car would still be a N/A bolt n car.

    Thanks to everyone on here i now own a 751 hp street car!!!
    thanks for showing me where to spend ALL my money
  15. I turned from the darkside about three years ago when the s197 came out. Have learnt a whole lot surfing here, it is my #1 forum to visit. :)
  16. psh, i never have had a mustang! i still want one.... but have yet to have the reasonable opportunity. but i will one day!

    i got on here due to a buddy who had a stang (and he quit posting after he totaled his car) and i never left....
  17. I love this place.

    I found Stangnet while surfing the net for blue Fox Mustang smiley.
    Found this one here on SN. ---> View attachment 307980

    Been here ever since.

    Met some very cool people on here, including my boyfriend.

  18. I've only been on the site for a few months, but it feels like alot longer. This is a great site, lots of great info...don't plan on seeing me leaving any time soon.....:nice:
  19. I <3 this place
  20. This place is so old, it's making me feel old!